Everlasting Omnipresent Peace



    Remembering You   2

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


Calcification of the Pineal Gland is at the root of  

our mental short sightedness, intellectual blindness, 

our spiritual poverty, lack of true compassion, emptiness and 

lack of fulfillment in spite of our material abundance. 

Thank You for helping us to see how to decalcify our Pineal

Gland and gain liberation from the great enslaver, Maya. 


Thinking of You, concentrating on You, meditating on

 You, is the main cause of decalcification of the Pineal 

Gland.  Thank You for giving us righteous guidance in 

how to purify our consciousness and transcend the

 insatiable desires of Maya which distract us and cause 

us to forget You.  


Thinking of You, concentrating on You, meditating on 

You purifies our Pineal Gland, restores our memory of who 

we really are, and leads us back to You. Thank You for 

helping us return to forever. 


Our awareness is purified by using finite things and 

words to help us reunite consciously with You.  We think of 

You as the Source of the Purity, Energy, and Power of 

the Pineal Gland. We concentrate on You and we meditate on 

You as the One Infinite Perfection, within and beyond 

all finite things such as the Pineal  Gland.


 In the light of our research, observation, and experience, 

We think of You as our Greatest Treasure, our ever 

increasing  Fulfillment and Ecstatic Tranquillity.   


Blinded by insatiable lust, we were over looking You. We 

were looking outside in vain for that which is clearly within

our own Being.  Thank You for helping us to see our Self and 

 to be our Self again.


We think of You as our forgotten, Most Secure Wealth and 

our Greatest Peace.  Sgreat and so near, they are beyond 

our present contaminated comprehension.  Thank You for 

leading us on the path of Dharma. 


 Thank You for helping us to see and stay evermore on this 

path of Dharma, This Eternal Path of Truth, 

Righteousness, Love, and Peace.


Mischievous and malicious activities which we have done to 

some person, place, thing, or other being, come back to us in 

some shape, form, or  fashion.  This is the Law of Karma.  

We meditate on  You to cleanse our consciousness, 

consciously reunite with You and be free from Karma.


We begin this process of meditating on You by always 

thinking  of You, the Love Supreme. This purifies our 

thinking, feeling, willing, and doing, makes good Karma and  

helps us evolve beyond good Karma to work done as an 

offering to You.


Clearly, now we see, good  Karma, good works, are not 

sufficient to help us fix our mind on You and bring us back to 

You.  Good works keep us bound in the cycle of reaping and 

sowing.  They cannot free us into the transcendental sphere 

where there is no birth, death, rebirth and 

their concomitant realms of sufferings.


Doing good works can not help us transcend the results of 

bad and good Karma.  Doing good or bad Karma keep us in 

the world of reaping and sowing.  They do not help us get 

back to You because they do not help us fix our mind on 

You; only offerings to You can help us do that. 


In order to fix our mind/consciousness on You, we must always

 think of ou and thus become devoted to You alone.  Offerings or 

submissions to You can help us fix our consciousness on 

You.  In this way, our thoughts help us transcend sufferings 

and return our consciousness back to You, our forgotten 

and ever-present Awareness, our real treasure.  


 Moreover, offerings to You allows us to put our thoughts and 

deeds in Your safe-keeping where no dust, rust, thieves 

nor Karma can steal or in any way contaminate, nor 

 influence them.


With enlightened intelligence, we are cleansing ourselves 

from top to bottom, from inside out.  The cause of our insane 

behavior is our dirtiness  of consciousness. When the 

consciousness is dirted with anger, lust, greed, so is the 

intellect, mind, and physical behavior.


 As long as  we are not dealing with this problem of dirtiness  

of consciousnesswe are simply treating  the  effects rather 

than the cause.  Consequently, we will still have the 



The solution hinges on seeing the self as spirit or energy, free 

from color, race, or any sort of designation.  From this 

spiritual platform, we continue cleansing 

the consciousness by always thinking of You.  Gradually, we 

begin to experience Your Omnipresence.


This state is also known as Eternal, Pure Awareness. We 

cleanse our awareness by fixing our mind on You by every 

possible means; thus we return to our natural condition of 

eternal Truth, Righteousness, Love and Peace.  This is Pure 

Awareness, the ever well wisher of Itself, the Totality of 

Awareness which encompasses, pervades, and transcends all