Everlasting Omnipresent Peace



      Remembering You   3

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


It is crucial, if we want real positive change, to come out of  

bodily identification, see the Self as consciousness, spirit, 

awareness, or energy.  Then we must cleanse this awareness 

by always thinking of  You as imageless Supreme Being.


We meditate on You as the Most Righteous, the Most High 

Self, beyond the mind, imagination, and any sort and kind of 

image.  Truly, we meditate on You as our Most Pure, Divine, 

state of  being, more subtle than air and either.  


How can there be an image or  idol of  You who are more 

subtle than pure energy and present everywhere? W

meditate on You as in and beyond everything and time.


We meditate on You  as our Supreme Intelligence 

empowering us to live, love, and thrive.  By by always 

thinking of You we are purifying our consciousness 

and slowly, consciously, we are cleaning up our body, mind, 

intellect, self, and physical surroundings.  Gradually, we are 

returning to You and to our natural, upright position


Moreover, seeing the Self as consciousness, awareness, or 

spirit, and always thinking of You, is freeing our mind and 

consciousness from the madness of anger, lust, greed, illusion, 

madness, and envy.  


Those six brigands mentioned previously 

are the gross and subtle toxic elements that keep 

us spiritually, intellectually, mentally, and physically bound, 

gagged, bogged down and entangled in confusion, frustration,

and other sufferings of Maya.  Clearly then, they rob us of 

our birthright, our union with You.


Seeing the Self as consciousness, awareness, or spirit, and 

always thinking of You, empowers us to remain at our 

natural state of  Peace, free from the sufferings of Maya.  


From our natural position of Peace, we keep unedifying 

thoughts out of our consciousness.  We do this by use of 

meditating on silence or by use of  Mantra. Thus we return 

and remain with the Self, our original position.


By Your remembrance, we are sobering up, raising our level 

of consciousness, and realizing our original condition of 

fulfillment as Infinite Peace.  This is in quality one with You, 

who are in reality doing nothing and influencing everything. 


We meditate on You as the Eternal, Omnipresent Supreme 

Spirit, Pure Consciousness.  we meditate on You as the 

Supreme Witness and Source of all, including the 

Great, Eternal, Changeless, Stillness.  


We meditate on You as the Source of the most noble values 

and all of our necessities of life:  Knowledge of  Self, Supreme 

Being, the highest and Greatest;  complete history, the goal 

of life and how to achieve it, and the best ideal for humanity 

and how to achieve it.  These, to us, are the prime necessities 

of life.


All of the above true necessities of life are revealed to us as 

we meditate on You.  Gradually, mental agitations fall away, 

or they fell in their attempts to enter our consciousness.  Slowly, we 

are able to see You in all and all within You.  You and all are One. 

Even this awareness of Your Omnipresence is within You.


By always thinking of  You, Supreme Awareness, our 

lower awareness is purified and we realize who we really are. 

We are not the temporary body with a soul. We are the 

eternal soul with a temporary material body. 


 Armed with this knowledge of Self, we overcome Maya and 

proceed on the true progressive path.  This is the pathless 

path of purity, refinement, Divine Civilization and Peace. 

You, always here and now, are the final destination of all of  

our endeavours.


You are the Love Supreme.  The more the awareness is 

purified by always thinking of You, the more desire is 

diminished, the old sin sick consciousness, bundles of sick 

thoughts (village gossip), called a mind, is purified 

out of our consciousness. 


 As the above happens, the level of  our consciousness 

rises higher and expands more.  Slowly, we sober up to 

universal improvement, we experience, and go beyond

true freedom again.  This is the freedom beyond Maya;  It is 

eternal, full of unlimited bliss and comprehension.


As we meditate on You, the lens of our Pineal gland is 

undergoing cleansing, our consciousness is cleansed of 

impure awareness, and gradually we are able to see and serve 

You in all.  


As a consequence of seeing You everywhere, our 

consciousness is further cleaned, polished up, and we are 

evermore loving and kind toward ourselves and all sentient 

beings.   More and more, we see You in others and others in