Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Bhakti Yoga


      Remembering You  4

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


By Your remembrance, we are sobering up, 

raising our level of consciousness, awareness, 

and  intelligence.  Slowly, we are realizing our 

original condition of fulfillment and Infinite 



We remembering You as the Eternal, 

Omnipresent Supreme Spirit, Pure Intelligence.  

You are always here, looking out through every eye, 

eye listening through every ear.


We Remember You as the Supreme Witness and

 Source of all, including the Great, Eternal, 

Changeless, Stillness.  


 By associating with You, we manifest, increasingly:

Truth, Righteousness, Love, Peace, Cleanliness, 

Austerity, and Self-Control.


The above are just a few of the principles we  

manifest in our life by remembering You.  To

 us, these are the prime necessities for a life of

 abundant food,  clothing, shelter, health, 

education, and welfare. 


Remembering You we gain a greater knowledge

of  Self and life.  The goal of life and how to 

achieve it, and the best ideal for humanity and 

   how to achieve it, we gain by remembering You.


Remembering You, the Most Awake, You never 

sleep.  Neither do we as we remember You and

  reawaken into sanity again. 


All of the above true necessities of life are

 revealed to us, and how to achieve them, as 

we remember You. 


Remembering You, the Omniscient One, 

awakens  us into our original intelligence.

  Gradually, positive affirmations and vision 

allow us to better navigate through life and 

achieve union with You. 


 Slowly, and surely, we are able to better see You

in all and all within You.  You and all are 

One because You are the Light of Divine

 Intelligence shining through the awareness 

of all.  


By always thinking of  You, our consciousness, 

 awareness, and intelligence are purified.  They

 gradually align and combine with You.

We experience the fact that we are the 

    Eternal soul with a temporary material body. 


This Eternal Soul is ultimately the Subject of 

  all, the Divine Light, which reveals objects.  It

   is within and beyond consciousness, awareness, 

and intelligence.  It is that which gives

 intelligence to intellect.


 Armed with this knowledge of Self, we

overcome Maya and proceed on the true 

progressive path.  This is the pathless 

   path of purity, refinement,  and Peace. 


You, always here and now, are the final

 destination of all of  our endeavors.  We are 

purified by remembering You.


 Illusory thoughts (village gossip), called a mind, 

are purified  out of our consciousness, the more

 we remember You.  Gradually we are able to see

 and serve You in all.


As a consequence of seeing You everywhere, our 

consciousness is further cleaned, polished up, 

and we are evermore loving and kind toward 

ourselves and all sentient beings.   


 Remembering You purifies our thinking, feeling, 

willing, and doing.  This makes good Karma.  

Moreover,  it evolves us beyond good Karma to

 transcendental Loving Service to You.


Remembering You purifies us and allows us

to put our thoughts, words, and deeds in Your 

safe-keeping.  There no dust, rust, thieves nor

 Karma can steal or in any way contaminate, 

nor influence them and keep us out of the 

spiritual world.