Everlasting Omnipresent Peace



      Remembering You  4

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


Praise be to You, Everlasting Pure Consciousness. The more 

our mind is purified by Meditating on You as the Source  of 

comprehension, compassion, and Everlasting Love, the more 

compassion, love, charity, and ecstatic bliss are  

experienced in our lives.


  Anger, lust, greed, illusion, madness, and envy are 

cleaned out, eradicated  from our  lives, by virtue of the 

environment of  Your purifying association. The more  this 

happens, the greater is our experience of the Omnipresence 

of  Your Eternal Peace.


We are freed from the negative consequences of ignorance of 

Self the more see ourselves as constant, eternal spirit 

pervading and transcending this body, mind, intellect, and 

ego. We think of You, we worship You, we meditate on You 

alone as the only One, Infinite, Whole.


We know, from research, observation, and experience.  

We are experiencing, purification of consciousness through 

Your association.  We are seeing that this is a route to the 

most satisfying and fulfilling life we have experienced thus far.


We dehypnotize ourselves by purifying our consciousness. 

 We do this by meditating on You as the Supreme, Eternal 

Spirit, pervading this consciousness and all consciousness 

throughout the Cosmic Manifestation. This is associating 

with You, the Most Pure.  Association with You, brings

us into assimilation, union with You.


Through Your association, we learn how to maintain our 

unity with Eternal Peace.  Our  consciousness is gradually 

cleansed of misgiving, and we remain with our Self as the 

Changeless Witness:  Everlasting, Omnipresent, Peace.


We meditate on You as the Knower and the Supreme Witness 

of "I AM." Moreover, the more we purify our lower levels of 

consciousness by fixing the mind on You, the more we can 

share strength, courage, and wisdom with those who value 

our association.


It is not about changing "Them."  It is about changing 

ourselves,  controlling and changing our own consciousness 

and transforming ourselves from one of less or more 

suffering to a life of tranquil joy and unlimited contentment.  


We positively change ourselves, the way we look at ourselves, the world, 

and our universe, when we begin to see the self as spirit and Meditate on

 You as Supreme Spirit, the Source of  the Divine Order of the universe. 


 Ultimately, everything, including nothing, is in Your "Hands." Verily, 

 we meditate on You as the motivating power within all, including

 nothing, no - thing.  We meditate on You as the Supreme Witness of

understand, understanding, and that which is understood.  


The mind out from under our control is easily corrupted, 

contaminated by bodily identification and hence, insatiable 

desires for sense gratification dominate and enslave  our 

consciousness in illusion the illusion, Maya.  This  kind of 

mind, in Maya and out from under our control, is our worst 



We control our thoughts and sober up lower levels of consciousness 

using this spiritual practice of always thinking of You.  

Consequently, the consciousness is purified of anger, lust, and greed, 

 comes under our control, and it is our greatest friend.  What is called

the mind is thoughts inside of consciouness.


Moreover, the more our consciousness is purified by virtue of 

always thinking of You, the more easily we very naturally 

unfold and apply the 42 principles of  MAAT in our  lives.


MAAT is our  natural condition as uncontaminated living 

beings.  We return to this natural state by controlling the 

mind and purifying the Pineal Gland and consciousness by 

always thinking of You.


No doubt, we know from experience, the mind can 

be purified and brought under our control by fixing it 

 on You. The mind under our control is, after You, our very 

best friend.


We must closely, carefully, and critically examine the style of 

life that involves ignorance of Self, and its concomitant 

illusory body, mind, intellect, and/or ego designation and 



When we analyze the nature of the illusory life, we see that it 

has no satisfying meaning nor purpose other than to 

frustrate, confuse, bewilder, and obscure the truth from us 

until we are serious about coming back to You.


We get serious about coming back to You by 

always thinking of You, becoming Your devotee, and offering 

everything to You.  We do this with any and all the love we