Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                                                                                                               Chanting 17

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


We take refuge in You to be free from Maya. The beginning of taking refuge/shelter in You 

and reuniting with You, is to always think of You.  We do this by calling out Your name, 

knowing You pervade and transcend all names, and we offer/ submit, everything to You.  

We think of You as incomparable.  There is no second with whom we can compare You.


Calling out Your Name/Names, and offering everything to You, we seek refuge with You. 

Steadily and increasingly, we remember You. There is nothing, except for You.  For us, You 

are the solution to the problems facing our existence in the various universes.  Thank You 

for helping us to remember You.  We are increasingly able to do this while awake, during 

sleep, dream states, and deep sleep states of  existence. 


Thank You All Mighty One for allowing us the sacred privilege of chanting Your Holy 

Name, and surrendering everything to You. Thus we tap into Your unlimited 

reservoir of energy, intelligence and creativity. 


Thank You, for allowing us the intelligence to study about You, chant Your glories, pray to 

You, and offer nonviolent sacrifices to You while we go about seemingly mundane 



Chanting the Holy Names and meditating on the Silence are some of our ancient spiritual 

practices. The Holy Names purify the consciousness, remove the clouds of 

ignorance between the lower self and the Higher Self. 


We think of You as Supreme Being, of all worlds, Material, Spiritual, and the worlds of 

Awareness. You are within and beyond Maya and all other degrees of  illusion.  Chanting 

Your Holy names, we rise out of the suffering of Maya and are consciously reestablished in 

Your Infinite Fulfillment and Peace.


Thank You for allowing us the privilege of remembering You and Your Holy Names while 

we go about our mundane affairs, or while we are in sleeping or dreaming 

states of consciousness. 


In the midst of  the
vast and variegated illusions of the exterior and interior worlds, may 

we continue to be blessed with the remembrance of Your Holy Names. The more we

 are clean and quiet within by virtue of chanting Your Holy Names, the better we can 

follow Your Most Righteous  Leadership. 


The more we remember and chant Your Holy Names, our consciousness and awareness 

are purified and empowered  to turn from our wicked ways.  This is how we break 

free, transcend Maya, and return to the Pure consciousness 

and Eternal Awareness of You.


Supreme Love of all. Your eternal Peace is always with us. 

Thank You for helping us to cultivate our consciousness from 

that of a beast, a brute, to that of a human being, and from 

that of a human being to our original Divinity. 


This civilizing process of always thinking of You is, to us, 

the real meaning and purpose of culture.  A civilizing process 

that raises our consciousness from that of a narrow minded 

brute, to that of an independent, open minded, critical 

thinking human being.


From the level of humanity, we rise, back to our 

original consciousness of  Divine Being.  This is real culture.  

It is a scientific process that cultivates our consciousness from 

that of brute to that of Divinity.


You are first and foremost in all our endeavors.  All that we 

do for the uplift of all we do first as an offering to You. Thank 

You for helping us in our efforts to remember You by chanting 

Your Holy Names. 


We think of You as the Most Wise, the Greatest Power.  You are the Supreme

 Being of our understanding, inside and outside of the Cosmic Manifestation.   

Thank You for helping us remember You and not be afraid nor frustrated 

during the triple illusions of Maya.