Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Chanting the Holy Names 1

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Gayathri.


With our contaminated consciousness, we would not be so 

ignorant and arrogant to attempt to confine or limit You, the 

Source of all and the Witness of Infinity, to names of 

our mundane concoction.  Thank You for the association of 

Your Holy Names.  This spiritual practice is cleansing our 

consciousness of contamination.


The more we chant Your Holy Names in all sorts of 

circumstances, the more our intelligence is awakened and

we are led righteously to reach You.  In the chanting of Your

Holy Names and meditating in the Silence as Awareness of 

Silence and Silence itself, everything is an offering to You. 


While cleaning and quieting our consciousness, Your Holy 

Name is blessing us with Your association.  This helps us in 

our efforts to experience the ultimate goal of our life, union 

with You.  Thank You for showing us the benefits of  being 

thankful and chanting Your Holy Names.


The more our consciousness is purified by always chanting 

Your Holy Names, the more we recognize and rest in this life, 

in Your Peace. Whether we see meaning in life or not, we 

can still rest, right now, in our natural condition of  Your 

Infinite Fulfillment and Peace.


The more we chant Your names, whichever names are most 

attractive to us, as long as They refer to You, who are within 

and beyond all names, we will get verifiable, bona fide 

results.  We will know, from observation, research, and 

experience that we are being ever more free from Maya's 



 The more we chant Your names and our consciousness is 

purified and quieted, we see that there is no where where You 

are not.  Even the illusions are within You.  No name nor 

form is without Your presence.  NSentient Being, is inferior 

nor superior to the other.  


 We chant Your names and gradually see that we  are 

Energy looking out through this one body.  You are 

the One Supreme Energy looking out through every body, 

from the grossest to the subtlest, seen and unseen, Your 

presence is here.


Of course, we can chant a number of words or even numbers 

to keep thoughts out of our consciousness, but do they bring 

us back to a consciousness of fulfillment and peace? Thank 

You for helping us to see that names that help us remember 

You and help to free us from Maya are the names that we 

should chant.


The more we think of You and settle into Your Eternal Peace, 

the greater is our purification and control of our mind and 

senses.  Thank You for the ability to glorify You in our 

humble way, thus increasing our understanding and 

experience of Your Peace.


Who are we?  Who would we think we are to name You 

and then declare that our particular name is the only name 

You will respond to?  Thank You for revealing to us the 

importance of chanting Your Holy Names. 


Seeing the self as spirit and always chanting Your Holy 

Names is a practical solution.  Chanting Your Holy Names

help to keep our consciousness in the present moment, 

cleansing it of negative thoughts, and bringing It back into 

the purity of Your Consciousness and Awareness.  


Chanting Your Holy Names helps to keep us mindful, 

consciously in the present moment.  At this state, we 

are aware of the macro and micro while simultaneously 

purifying our consciousness of distracting, unedifying 



We think of You as the One Divinity at the Source of all the 

worlds.  All praise to You and Your Holy Names for helping 

us in our restoration of self to Self.  No contradiction of logic, 

very sound reasoning, everything has been directly 

perceptible via experience.


We do not need full faith, nor need our Love for You be fully 

blossomed, nor need we be in a humble state of mine to repeat

Your Holy Names. The more we chant Your Holy names our

consciousness is purified and the great virtues naturally 

manifest in our behavior.