Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Chanting 10

The consciousness very naturally frees itself from the worlds of

duality, with its attractions and desires for sense gratification, as it

is cleansed and purified by this spiritual practice which includes

the of chanting Your Holy Names.
Thank You for granting us the privilege of hearing of Your Glories

and chanting Your Holy Names. Thank You for allowing us to

always think of You through the process of surrendering all to You

and calling out Your Holy Name. This ancient spiritual practice is

cleaning our consciousness of anger, lust, and greed.
You pervade and transcend coming and going, and going

and coming simultaneously. You are in everything and everyone. 

All are one in You. Chanting Your Holy Names enlightens our

intelligence and enables us to see You, as You are, here, now,

pervading and transcending all. This experience helps us to be in

harmony with all that exists.
You are the All Attractive, Most Merciful One. We

are taking shelter in Your Holy Names whether in solitude or in

crowd; to us it is all the same when we are chanting Your Holy


Thank You for providing us a strategy for unification, edification,

and liberation. Thank You. Thank You, for providing us with a

knowledge of the benefits of chanting Your Holy Names.
We are realizing relief from the anguish of the material, mental,

and spiritual worlds by calling out, internally or externally, Your

Holy Names in all circumstances.
 You are first and foremost in all our endeavors. All that we do for

the uplift of all we do first as an offering to You. Thank You for

helping us in remembering to call out Your Holy Names. Chanting

Your Holy Names empowers us to wake up, straighten up, clean

up, and be blessings to all sentient beings.
 This chanting is a part of the Surrender process. The process of

surrendering all to You at all times helps us to always think of


 Always thinking of You and chanting Your Holy Name purifies

our consciousness into Your likeness again. This is the path of

Love, the secret of success, The Master Key to freedom, justice,

equality and peace, throughout Your Cosmic Manifestation.

 By being conscious of the Silence and chanting Your Holy Names

constantly, we are progressively realizing the Self as Eternal Spirit,

pervading and transcending all temporary material bodies, minds,

intellects, and egos.