Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Chanting 11

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.

Aum Tat Sat.  Aum Ra.  Namo Namaha

Chanting Your Holy Names purifies and frees 

our consciousness from the anguish resulting from ignorance 

of self.  We recover our consciousness and develop our 

higher awareness, to the degree we are purified and 

transformed back into the Awareness of  You. 

Thank You for inspiring us to seek You within our innermost 

consciousness. Thank You ever more for teaching us how to 

see You evermore through meditating on Your Holy Name.

Self knowledge is the greatest knowledge. The mind is within 

consciousness.  The more we see this self as consciousness or 

energy and You as the Supreme Energy or Consciousness, 

and we associate with You by chanting Your names and 

offering You everything, our consciousness and awareness are 


Our awareness is purified by this spiritual practice of 

chanting Your names and offering all to You.  As we do this, 

we began to have true knowledge, observation, and 

experience of the true spiritual Self, You.


Chanting Your Holy Names helps us to always think of  You.  

This spiritual practice fixes our mind on You, purifies us, 

awakens us and empowers us to wake up, stand up  clean up, 

reclaim our original spiritual identity.  

As we do this, we are actually coming back here to You.

To help us return to You, we offer You our life, our every 

breath and the body's death.  Everything we have been 

through, everything we are going through, everything we will 

go through, we offer unto You.

While chanting Your Holy Name and offering 

You everything, our consciousness is purified, of anger, lust, 

and greed.  As this happens, our consciousness and 

awareness are transformed, and developed into Your likeness 


Thank You for teaching us how to think, do, and be positive, 

thus improving our lives by chanting Your Holy names and 

thus purifying our consciousness. 

We experience You as the solace of Our life. Chanting Your 

Holy names is one way of associating with You and 

experiencing, ever more, the elevating consolation of Your 

Omnipresent Divinity.

As we chant Your names and offer everything to You, we 

reawaken to You, our original spiritual awareness.  Thank 

You for teaching us how to manage our thoughts by always 

thinking of You. 

Your Holy Names are cleansing our consciousness. To the 

extent this happens, the mind is calmed, the senses are 

restrained, and we transcend bodily identification, ego, and 


All glories to the chanting of Your Holy Names. They help 

rein in our thoughts from ceaseless wanderings in the ghastly 

forests of delusion, while bringing us back to Your shelter 

and protection. 


Chanting Your Holy Names is one age-old spiritual tool

for cleansing the consciousness of anger, lust, greed, illusion,

madness, and envy. The more these brigands are eradicated, 

the greater the light of the Self shines through all levels of our

awareness and consciousness. 

We have beheld cosmic visions, and experienced ecstatic 

vibratory unity of blissful being, however, up until this point,  

other than the Eternal Bliss of You, we have experienced 

nothing more beautiful nor as beneficial as Your Magnificent 

Holy Names.

Seeing the self as spirit and always thinking of You is a 

practical solution.  Chanting Your Your Holy Names help to 

keep our consciousness in the present moment, cleansing it of 

negative thoughts, and bringing It back into consciousness of 


The more we think of You in all sorts of circumstances,  

the more our intelligence is awakened to offer 

everything to You.  In the chanting of Your Holy 

Names and meditating in the Silence as Silence itself, 

everything is an offering to You. 

Through the purifying practice of calling out Your 

Holy names in silent meditation and meditating on Silence as 

the Awareness of  Itself, we return to You.  This is the 

revolution, good for all Sentient Beings.

Chanting Your Holy Names help to keep us mindful, 

consciously in the present moment.  At this state, we 

are aware of the macro and micro while simultaneously 

purifying our consciousness of distracting thoughts.