Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Chanting 13

At this point we know You, our Supreme, Pure Consciousness as 

the Supreme, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Self, 

as the Greatest, Consciousness/Awareness  of all animate and 

inanimate being, beings, within and beyond the Cosmic 


History tells us that  constantly calling out Your Names has been 

for many, since time immemorial, the beginning of surrendering 

all we think, feel, will, say and do to You, and returning to You, 

our original nature of  Everlasting, Omnipresent, Peace.

By this method of constantly calling out 
Your Names,  

simultaneously, prayer and meditation is occurring.  This is 

a Pineal Gland, consciousness purifying process.

Gradually we awaken, sober up, begin to 

remember You and return to You.  This  is conscious, reunion 

with You, our Divine Source, the  Divine  Relationship that many  

of us, by our words and actions, seem to have almost completely 


This is spiritual revolution, a one hundred and eighty degree 

change, from where we were to where we are.  We are now in the 

infinitude of spiritual existence.  We were in the illusion of Maya, 

the material world.  We have had a revolution an evolution of 

consciousness. We changed the way we saw the self; then we 

naturally changed the way we saw everything else. 

We now see the self looking out as eternal, spirit devoid of all 

designations.  In this light we see the "Other" looking out of its 

material body as eternal spirit also.  It is just as free from all 

designations as we are, as eternal pure energy or force.

 Thank You for showing us the reasonableness of 

forgoing changing the world in favor of changing the way we look 

at ourselves.  When we changed the way we looked at the 

self, seeing the Self in the most positive light, the world we look 

at now has changed in the most positive way.  It was 

always this. With our materially contaminated, jaundiced, vision, 

we could not see and experience the beauty of the eternal spiritual 

world as it is before us, pervading and transcending everything.

 Association brings assimilation for the purification and raising of

our consciousness. We are now on the spiritual platform. The

consciousness continues to expand because we are purifying the

Pineal Gland by always associating with You who are the Eternal,

Infinite, Beloved.

We can come to the spiritual platform by simply changing the way

we see the self, and calling out Your Names. To the degree we see

the self as spirit looking out through the body as the witness,

awareness, consciousness, we are living on the spiritual platform.

We begin to sober-up, to reawaken, by coming to the spiritual

platform and chanting Your Holy Names. Gradually we began

seeing the soul as the Immovable Self, You. This is the Supreme,

Eternal, Motionless Spirit/Soul, the Ultimate Ground of Being of

all beings.

We are living as the soul with a body not a body with a soul. The

body, mind, intelligence, and ego have their temporary illusory

existence within You, the Supreme Awareness, the Transpersonal 

Super Self, Pure Awareness.  

When we changed the way we looked at the self, we changed the 

way we looked at the world. When we changed the way 

we looked at the world, the world we looked at changed. 

Gradually the Self is seen as Eternal Spirit, Consciousness, or

Awareness, pervading and transcending all material forms, names

and attributes.  At the highest stage, there is nothing to be seen, the

Self, smallest of the smallest and biggest of the biggest, is beyond 

personal and impersonal, form and formlessness.  It is beyond 

description but not beyond experience. Surely, it pervades and 

transcends all, including everything, nothing, and transcendence.

Chanting the Holy Names and meditating on the Silence are some

of our ancient spiritual practices. They purify the consciousness,

remove the clouds of ignorance between the lower self and the

Higher Self, and facilitate the reunion of the lower

consciousness/self with the Highest Awareness/Self. Thus, at all

levels of consciousness we sober up to our Most Awake State of

Being. We are Eternally One.

You are our Highest, the Most Present Consciousness. To the

degree we are resurrected to our original consciousness our 

equanimity is revived, we are able to remain the same in the face

of loss or gain, pleasure or pain, and other repulsions, attractions

and attachments of the dual worlds of illusory energy.

By calling out Your name and submitting all to You, we purify 

our awareness of the materialistic disease.  As  this happens. we

are better qualified to follow You, the Most Holy Spirit, our 

Supreme Being.

  Gradually, we are released from Maya, Your inferior, external, 

illusory energy. This all happens to the degree we remember You 

in all we think, feel, will, say, and do.  Everything done is done in 

remembrance of You, in submission to You.  Thank You for 

accepting this humble offering.  This spiritual practice helps us 

remember You and be saved, to redeem our life of eternal 

bliss from the illusory hells of repeated birth, death, and rebirth.

We enhance our capacity to always think of You by chanting Your

Holy Names and meditating on the Silence. This leads to

concentrating on You, which leads to meditating on You as

Supreme Awareness.

You are the Immeasurable Consciousness that is within and

beyond all. Some of our spiritual practice consist of calling out

Your Name and offering to You everything. 

Persistence in this Sadhana, spiritual practice, give us glimpses of 

Your awesome magnificence and makes us ever stronger in our 

patience and determination to realize You constantly, here, now, in 

this moment.

The major psychological impairment at the root of our spiritual

pathology is the belief that the self is a material, mental,

intellectual, or ego entity. This spiritual disease dissipates, and

healing begins as Lower Consciousness sobers to the fact that the

self is Eternal Spirit, Soul, or Pure Energy.  Calling out Your 

Names and offering You everything is the primary "Medicine" in 

this spiritual healing process.

This Eternal, Pure Energy, or Awareness, this Field of Infinite 

consciousness which pervades and transcends all consciousness, 

Stillness, and all states of Being, is the Supreme Awareness. 

Chanting the Holy Names is great help in the restoration of all 

levels of our consciousness to this most sublime and ecstatic field 

of  Eternal, Pure Awareness.

 We repeat Your Holy Names, the key to a life of ever increasing

knowledge and bliss, to help us remember You. This purifies our

consciousness and we thus transcend the ego and it negative

qualities and behaviors finding, i.e. false prestige, fear, malice,

annoyance and fault finding.

We are increasingly realizing the infinite, omnipresent Silence as a

result of chanting Your Holy Names, offering You everything, and

meditating on silence as the Self, leaving aside everything else. In

this way we no longer remain ignorant, thinking the body is

moving the soul, or that the body is the self.

We see that it is You that  are the Power, the source of everything: 

body, mind, intellect, ego, and illusion. You are the Source of the

energy which flows through the Pineal Gland. We generally call

this Eternal Energy the soul. You, the Source, we call the Eternal,

Super Soul or Supreme Awareness of all.