Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Chanting  5

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


We can cut through the illusion of thinking we can attain 

lasting joy and fulfillment from illusory things by chanting 

Your Holy Names. Thank You for inspiring us to chant Your 

Holy Names with every breath. 


Infinite freedom, true liberation, is realized as we purify our 

consciousness, thereby overcoming ego and transcending I, 

AM, AUM, Silence, experiencing, and witnessing.  Chanting

Your Holy Names is one way to accomplish this noble goal

of consciousness purification.


Thank You for teaching us how to surrender to You 

by chanting Your Holy Names, offering You everything, 

and glorifying You. This helps us remember You, purify our 

consciousness and awareness, thus reclaiming our Divine 

Identity, our Eternal Pure Awareness.


The Unlimited Ocean of Truth, our natural Never 

Contaminated, Most Enlightened State of Awareness is You.  

Chanting Your name and offering all to You is the beginning, 

middle, and end of this process of remembering You.  Thus, 

we return to You. 


Since we have begun chanting Your Holy Names more 

seriously, we are realizing purification of conscious. This has 

awaken us to reconsider the objective of our life. We have 

changed it from material acquisition to spiritual realization 

of  You.


We purify our Pineal Gland and hence, our consciousness of 

bad qualities by always chanting Your Names, thinking of 

You, and surrendering all to You. Gradually, we banish the 

ego and experience the Bliss of the Self.


The deep, dense, pit of illusion, wherein we are thinking we 

are temporary material things, can be overcome using the 

awakening power of Your Holy Names.  Thank You for 

empowering our aspirations and redirecting us to ever 

greater levels of excellence by the chanting of Your Holy 



We are truly blessed to be engaged in chanting Your names 

 and glories.  Additionally, we are submitting all we think, 

feel, will, say and do to You.


As we continue to call out Your Holy name with every breath, 

whether in silence or in sound, we are realizing more 

spiritual, intellectual, mental, and physical cleanliness, and 



Fixing our mind on You by constantly chanting Your Names 

is a very ancient method of remembering You, cleansing 

our consciousness, and changing our self concept from 

material back to spiritual.  


In this way off chanting Your Holy Name, we awaken from 

the illusion of separation from You and regain our freedom 

from the ocean of ignorance and suffering, Maya.  Gradually, 

we experience, here and now, our eternal life of tranquil bliss 

and compassionate understanding.


It is a clear, pure, and continuous Sky.

Here, how could association or dissociation occur?

In the one Reality, how could there be any relationship

or severance of relationship?

Saptamo adhyayah

Chapter 7, Verse 8


Chanting Your Holy Names, Offering all to You, praising 

You, submitting all to You, these are all service to You.  As

a result of service to You, our consciousness is purified and 

we are able to serve, ever more, all sentient beings with 

courage, selfless devotion and unconditional  love.


Truely, You are our refuge, our strength, our inner-joy and 

contentment. The life and property of all sentient beings is 

sacred because You are the Eye of all eyes, the Ear of all ears, 

the source of all sounds, the life of all that lives.