Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Chanting 7

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


We think of You as The Most Powerful, the Best Education 

and the Most Excellent Educator.  The education that frees us 

from the shackles and  slavery to Maya, we get free of 

charge by always  thinking of You. 


 We think of You as the One Supreme  Consciousness 

permeating and simultaneously beyond all thoughts, 

names, forms, and Religions, none can claim exclusiveness 

over You.  Please accept our meager attempts at chanting 

Your Holy names and offering You everything. 


We think of You as the Most Moral Teacher, and 

Paramount Righteous Guide within all sentient beings. 

Thank You for teaching us the chanting of Your Holy Names.  

This spiritual practice is rescuing us from the ocean of

 illusion and giving our lives real, lasting meaning 

and purpose.


We think of  You as the Foremost Leader, before the 

all beginnings.  We concentrate on You as the all knowing 

Chief, Best of Good Shepherds, Ultimate Inner Light and 

Supreme Teacher.  You are the Most Righteous Guide within 

all. Thank You for Your guidance in the chanting of You Holy 



By chanting Your Holy Names we begin to see from within 

and realize You, the Source of Truth, Righteousness, Love 

and Peace, as our Supreme Being.  In Your light we are 

separating from Maya and becoming self sustaining with real 

identity, Eternal, Spiritual Identity.


We think  of You as the Source of all that is true, noble and 

righteous.  Our spiritual development/rejoining with 

ourselves, is protected, survives, and thrives by hearing and 

Chanting Your Blessed Holy Names, even as our body 

breathes in and out.


Gradually, as we chant Your Holy Names, we are seeing You 

as the all pervasive substratum of all consciousness, the all 

pervasive "Now", full of unlimited bliss and knowledge, the 

Source of all  culture and refinement. You are our refuge, our 

strength,  our inner-joy and contentment.


Fixing our consciousness, restoring it to its original 

purity, through chanting Your Holy Names, and offering You 

everything, is freeing us from the illusion of birth, death, and 

rebirth.  Moreover, we are enjoying increasingly greater levels

of consciousness, joy and contentment, by remembering You.


You are the source of all excellence and the most 

praiseworthy. We have survived and are transcending Your 

laws of material nature by fixing our mind on You through 

the chanting of Your Holy Names.


We think of You as the Causeless cause of all causes.  Eternal, 

Omnipresent, Supreme Reality of all righteousness, Thank 

You for inspiring us and leading us in our constant and 

and determined assent on this path of self remembrance and 



Most Generous, Most Merciful One, Supreme Divinity of all 

the lords of the worlds, thank You for revealing to us this 

most precious knowledge of chanting Your Holy Names.  Due 

to the application of this knowledge, we are experiencing the 

Eternal Peace that is beyond the brain, the mind, and the 

blackness of space.


We thank our good Karma, our Ancestors, and You, for 

awakening our discrimination and guiding us in the 

right way to reach You through the chanting of Your

 Holy Names. 


All thought emanates from Your Omnipresent Silence, which 

has its origin in You. Therefore You, being the Source of all, 

and the Intelligence of Silence, are the ultimate Source of 



 Glorification, and Exaltation, through the Sun, Silence, 

Space, and Nothing, we submit wholly to You. All that

 we do, with our most sincere efforts we submit to You 

through the chanting of Your Holy Names.