Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Chanting  9

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


When we chant and hear Your Holy Names constantly, we go 

deep into our own consciousness and discover who we are. 

We purify our consciousness by always thinking of You.


By repeating Your Holy names, being aware of Your Silence, 

and surrendering everything to You, our consciousness 

is gradually being purified of the ignorant and diseased 

consciousness of egoism, bodily identification, and 

designations of consciousness.


Chanting Your Holy Names is one of our spiritual tools.  With 

spiritual practice we can experience the fact that it purifies 

our consciousness and empowers us to renounce and 

transcend all thoughts.


Our Righteous Ancestors refer to You as the All Mighty, the 

Source of all knowledge, strength, fame, beauty, wealth, and 

renunciation, the Eternally Infinite Reservoir of Unlimited 

Power, Bliss, and Fulfillment. Thank You for teaching us how 

to use Your Holy Name to control our thoughts and purify 

our awareness.


Chanting Your Holy Names, contemplating You and 

Surrendering to You is, to us, the highest and most blessed 

privilege.  We think of these spiritual activities as sacred, and 

very purifying, 


As we more critically deconstruct and reconstruct the 

knowledge uncovered as a result of the chanting Your Holy 

Names, the deeper we go into the truth about Self, You, and 

the nature of life.  


Moreover, the more we chant Your Holy Names, we can see 

how and why You, the beginning, middle, and end of 

everything, can be drawn on continuously without 

diminishing in the slightest. 


Thank You for helping us purify our consciousness, 

absorbing it in You, by chanting You Holy Names.  

Consequently, we are evermore content with what we have, 

submitting all we think, feel, will and do, to You. This 

is helping us come back to fulfillment and Peace. 


It is  absorption in You that empowers us to do good and 

further purify our consciousness.  Chanting Your Holy 

Names is one way of becoming absorbed in You.  Thus, we 

sober up to Your reality in our every day life; simultaneously, 

we are contributing to the freedom and peace in our universe 

as we return to Your Infinitely Pure of Awareness.


We think of You as the root, ground, and nourishment of all 

reality. Thank You a thousand times over for passing down to 

us this Art and Science of always remembering You by 

chanting Your Holy Names. 


This spiritual  activity is purifying our awareness into Your 

likeness. Thus, we experiencing You and serving You with 

ever exceeding fulfillment and Peace.


Our chanting Your Names is associating with You, the 

indivisible, undifferentiated, Supreme Absolute.   

Associating with You, the Most Pure, purifies our

 consciousness of wickedness. 


As this happens, we cease committing wicked deeds, 

making bad Karma, and life has ore meaning, feeling, 

and purpose. We are gradually freed from Maya's fears

 and addictions.  Slowly we reawaken to the Eternal 

Ecstasy of our Divine, Tranquil, Bliss Filled 



You are everywhere, all the time and beyond.  

Without You even "Nothing" cannot exist.  Truly, 

You are the beginning, the middle, the end, and

 evermore.  Even after "Nothing", there is You. 

 You are before and after "Nothing." The Reason

 it exists,  is You. Thank You for accepting our

 humble  chanting of Your Holy Names.