Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Chanting 9

When we chant and hear Your Holy Names constantly, we go deep

into our own consciousness and discover who we are. We

experience the self as Eternal Awareness, and You, the All

Attractive One, without a second, as Supreme, Eternal, Awareness,

the Ultimate Reality, the Source of self.

You are beyond thoughts and are common and universal for all

sentient beings. Words such as I, You, and Thou, are simply

signposts pointing in Your infinite direction. Chanting Your Holy

Names purifies us and empowers us to renounce and transcend all

thoughts. Thus, we are awakening and gradually realizing Your

Eternal Omnipresence.


We are in fact reawakening to our original peace of being, and our

moral strength is always increasing because we are always

thinking of You. Thank You for revealing this well-worn path of

devotional service to You. We have no reality other than You. You

are our Everything.

Thank You for teaching us how to do everything as an offering to

You. In this way we mode our lives in such a way as to be always

thinking of  You. Always thinking of You brings us back to You,

our original consciousness.

The most important thing we can do is to fix our mind on You. 

Thank You for helping us to fix our mind on You, thus developing

an undying Love for You and through You, for all sentient beings. 

The more we fix our mind on You the more we are awake, alive in

the present moment.

Most Unconditional Love,  the Supreme Spiritual Power of all, 

our  praises is to You and You alone.  Thank You for showing us 

show to be devoted to You and You alone. The greater our 

devotion to You, the more we worship You in complete surrender. 

Thus, we conquer the real enemy, the  unruly, tricky, deceitful 

enemy, our mind out from under our own control.  Somehow or 

other, always thinking of You,  this is the key.

Surrender to You, who pervades and transcends all genders,  

purifies our mind and brings it back under our  own control. The 

more our thoughts  are  of  You,  the greater the cleansing of the 

Pineal Gland. This cleansing process also cleanses the 

consciousness and the mind within it. 

You are our Supreme Being.  Fixing the mind on You is the real

beginning of surrendering all to You. As a result of fixing the mind

on You, the realization of our oneness with You the Eternal,

Incomparable, Supreme Soul, becomes more lucid.

Other than You, there is none worthy of worship. Thank You for

reeducating us. As a result of this reeducation we see ourselves as

spirit rather than matter. In this resurrected light of our ancient

vision, we are completely made over again, seeing You and You

alone as our common source. You are eternally the same,

pervading and transcending all of nature.
It is You and You alone who are the pilot and co-pilot of our life. 

You rule exclusively. You have no partners. All are the same in

Your sight. Thank You for showing us how to experience the self

as living spirit.

Thank You for showing us, in the light of spirit, what what

normalcy is.  Normal is living as consciousness with a body rather 

than as a body with consciousness.  We are the light of  

consciousness and You are Supreme Consciousness, then light of 


By repeating Your Holy names, being aware of Your Silence, and

surrendering everything to You, our consciousness is gradually

being purified of the ignorant and diseased consciousness of

egoism, bodily identification, and designations of consciousness.

Although known by many names,You are beyond names, forms,

and formlessness, beyond personal, impersonal and transpersonal. 

Thank You for showing us how to rebuild ourselves from inside

out, from the Pineal Gland throughout the nervous system.

 You are the Supreme Means by which we regain true

spirituality, moral uplift and the Ultimate Liberation,


All praises to You, Supreme Soul of the cosmic manifestation. 

The more we surrender to You, all we think, feel, will, say and do,

the greater is our realization that the cosmic manifestation is one

family under You. Thank You for helping us recreate ourselves in

Your likeness again. Thank You for inspiring us to always think of


You are incomparable because You are Indivisible,

Undifferentiated, Supreme, Absolute, beyond all thoughts. Our 

ultimate and only reality truly is You, our Supreme Being. Within

all sentient beings, You are very far away, yet closer to us than the

silence which pervades and transcends our body and mind.

Our Righteous Ancestors refer to YOU as the All Mighty, the

Source of all knowledge, strength, fame, beauty, wealth, and

renounciation, the Eternally Infinite Reservoir of Unlimited Power,

Bliss, and Fulfillment. Thank You for teaching us how to use Your

Holy Name to control our mind and purify our awareness.

You are above and beyond the limits of personal and

impersonal, male and female, androgynous and neutral, coming

and going, cause and effect, inauspicious and auspicious.

 You transcend upper and lower, ingress and egress, spirit and

matter, light and darkness, I am, and all other dualities. By always

thinking of You, in the light of all the indigenous spirituality and

scriptures, we rebuild our consciousness from limited material

concepts to the unlimited reality of eternal, Pure Consciousness.