Everlasting Omnipresent Peace



This modification of ancient Nile and Indus Valley knowledge is used to help us transcend 

the illusory worlds of ignorance, be victorious over the enemy.  The real enemy is lust and 

our mind not under our own control. 

We think of  You as the root and ground of all being, the Most Subtle One who pervades 

and transcends the earth and the heavens. The Source of all Knowledge, beyond material 

and spirit, You are known by millions upon millions of names, yet You are beyond them 

all.  We think of You as the Greatest of the great.

We think of You, we  concentrate on You, we meditate on You 

as One, Omnipresent, Now, the Supreme Witness of Everything; this includes 
Sound, Silence, Space, Nothing, and Now.

Thank You for helping us to know that the ultimate objective is knowledge and experience 

of  You, and that the optimum goal of life is union with You, the Reservoir of all Truth. The 

more we associate with You through our Spiritual practice, the more we regain our dignity, 

integrity, self-respect and real spiritual love for ourselves and others.

Throughout the following discourse, called Our Word, the word "You" is used to signify 
the Greatest Being, Supreme Being, beyond progression and regression.  This Source of all 
knowledge, intelligence, energy, fame, purity, beauty, morality, wealth, tranquility, and 
renunciation, the Source of all opulences, is the Creator, Maintainer, and Annihilator, the 
Source of  Spirituality, Light and Right, the Origin of  all.

You have myriad Names, and You have no names at all. The number one 
objective of Our Word, is not to be concerned over which Name You are addressed 
as, but to present, as has been revealed to us by our independent intelligence, this 
ancient practice of Self discovery.  It is presented as an offering to You. In this way, 
we associate with You, our Supreme Being who pervades and transcends all names and forms.

There are many ways to think of You. To accomplish this objective, all that we think, feel, 

will, say, or do, is done as an offering to You. This Spiritual practice leads to worship of  

You. In this manner we are realizing, what to us is the ultimate goal of  life, conscious union 

with You. The first step in this journey is the spiritual practice of always thinking of You.

Through practical application, we can realize that the ancient knowledge shared by 

everlastingomnipresentpeace.com gives us an opportunity for nonviolent, complete, 

constructive change. This is real liberation, freedom from bodily identification with its 

slavery to the senses.

It is in light of the above revelations that we thank You, the Supreme, Spiritual  Intelligence 

of  the Universe, for teaching us how to research, keep an open mind, think critically, 

evaluate, extend meaning, come to our own unbiased conclusions, meditate, and be better.

Thank You Supreme Spirit of our Most Righteous Ancestors for teaching us the 

importance of  keeping an open mind and being flexible. Thank You for teaching us the 

importance of staying open to positive change in light of new evidence, as we regain greater 

harmony with You and the universe.  We think of  You as our  Greatest Spirit, the 

Supreme Being  of all.

Just as by watering and feeding the roots of a tree, one waters and nourishes all parts of 

the tree, likewise, by always submitting everything to You, by serving You first, with love 

and devotion, we are purifying our consciousness rendering our best service to Your 


Always thinking of You, we escape the bonds of sin and virtue, profit and loss, expansion

and contraction. Offering everything to You we transcend desire for reward. It is desire for

reward and ego gratification that keeps us bound up, entangled in the illusory energy of 

duality. Thus, we always think of  You and become more devoted to You.

In this way we gradually return to You, in this moment.

Thinking of You is the transcendental practice that purifies the Pineal Gland and

consciousness, thereby freeing us from the insatiable desires, the virtues and vices of the 

worlds of illusion. In this way we love our neighbors as ourselves as we lift our lower self by 

our higher self back into the Infinite, bliss filled, Levels of Divinity.

Serving, submitting to You all we think, feel, will, say, and do, we are constantly thinking of 

You.  It is this spiritual practice that gives us constant association with You. This purifying 

association cleans, raises and strengthens our spiritual awareness.  It brings us into ever 

greater union with You.  The greater our sincere association with You, the cleaner, safer, 

freer, and more  peaceful is our internal and external environment.


We can be free from the traps of our Karma.  It is our own Karma, reactions to our own 

past actions, that causes us to fall into lust.  Anger and greed are concomitant partners 

with lust.  

Constant remembrance of You is our life-line out of the ocean of misery called lust.

We can be reestablished with You in our original, eternal life of Tranquil Bliss. Always 

thinking of You is the key.  Let us not miss this Divine opportunity to live consciously in our 

true nature again.