Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Jnana Yoga

 Knowledge   9

Thank You Aum.  Thank You bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You bha. Thank You Gayathri.


You are the Source of the power that 

animates all bodies.  Doing our best to 

remember You is association with You.

  This spiritual act inspires us, purifies

 our character and hence, our entire way

 of life is purified. 


Through association with You, our 

Consciousness,  Awareness, and 

Intelligence align with You, the Most

 Pure and Intelligent.


This movement of our life in greater 

harmony with Your will  happens because

association with You, the Most Pure,  and

intelligent removes the pressures of life.


Thinking of You, and remembering You

 is this association.  In this way,  we 

reclaim You, our Greatest Being,  our 

forgotten Treasure, the Source of our  

Centeredness, our Balance, Equanimity,

 and Peace. 


We know You as the only One who truly

satisfies and civilizes.  We remember You

 as the Supreme, Most Gentle Light within, 

  enlightening Thought, Sound, and Silence.


The Light of Your Omniscience also shines 

ever brighter in our intelligence,  intellect,

 awareness, and our consciousness.  This 

happens as we align with You through our 

spiritual practice of always thinking of You

 and remembering You.


We know You as the Totality within all while

 at the same time, You are beyond all.  You 

are able to do this because You are the 

Supreme, Everlasting Intelligence, 

Witnessing and Permeating the ingress

egress, and progress of all. 


Always thinking of You, we are gradually 

empowered to slowly return to our 

Original Perfection.  This is You, the All

 Loving, Supreme Intelligence at the base

of, and pervading our total being.


All relative existence has its Source,

 Maintenance, and Dissolution in You. 

 We know of You as the Inner Stillness,  

the Infinite Peace, permeated with Divine

 Intelligence, from which comes 

 Knowledge, Wisdom, Joy, and 



We think of You as the Most Unique and

 the Greatest One. We fix the consciousness,

 awareness, and intelligence on You for the 

purification of all levels of our existence.

In this way, we awaken back into Pure 

Intelligence with You.


 Pure Intelligence, Divine Intelligence, is 

all knowing.  It pervades and informs all 

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence. 

Our life proceeds to move in harmony

 with Your Will, the Way of Peace, the 

more we associate with You.  


  Association with You frees our consciousness

from the degeneracy of thoughts polluted 

with anger, lust, greed,  illusion, madness, 

and envy. 


Clearing up from degenerate thoughts,

our consciousness returns to Quietude,   

Its natural condition.  This is commonly 

known as peace of mind.  We know it as

 peace of consciousness.


Association with You, our channel of

 intelligence widens.  This Channel is 

visible with our Third Eye. 


From Divine Intelligence this Channel

 runs down to lower intelligence, to 

awareness, down to consciousness. 


 Back up from  consciousness this Channel 

goes up to awareness, up to lower 

intelligence, back to the Omnipresence of

 You,  Divine  Intelligence. 


 As this channel widens, our intelligence, 

awareness, and consciousness receive 

the light of more intelligence from You, 

Divine Intelligence.


We are using our intelligence to remember 

You.  Gradually, we are pure enough to be

consciously in union with You.  This is our 

Total Freedom, our Original Divinity, our  

Eternal, Divine Intelligence.