Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


  Jnana Yoga  1

     Praise and Thanksgiving   

Thank You Aum.   Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Gayathri.


Praise be to You, Supreme Awareness. 

 You are The Super Soul, the Divine 

Intelligence of all;  Invincible, Infinite in

 Capability, Intelligence, and Creativity, 

full of unlimited Knowledge and Bliss.  


We are thanking You and praising You 

with the most beautiful thoughts, words, 

images, and songs we have at our command.



                              Avadhuta Gita of Dattatreya

      The Destroyer is beyond destruction and non-destruction;

      The Sustainer is beyond sustaining and non-sustaining.

       Indeed, how could substance or the dissolution of

          substance exist here? The Reality is unchanging, like 

the formless sky.

Saptamo adhyayah

Chapter 7, Verse 11


You are Supreme Spirit, bigger than 

the biggest and smaller than the smallest, 

simultaneously. The Suns, Moons, and all 

the Solar Systems have their origin and 

dissolution in You. 


For us, You are the Greatest Benefit, the

 Absolute Truth with whom there is none to

 compare.  In You, our own Supreme Being, 

there are no dualities nor shortages. 


You, the Principle of all energy, creativity, 

and intelligence, pervade and transcend

 names Systems, Sound, Silence, Space, Nothing, 

and Everything.  


You are Supreme Spirit, bigger than the 

biggest and smaller than the smallest, 

simultaneously.  The Suns, Moons, and all 

the Solar Systems have their origin and 

dissolution in You. 


You are truly the Supreme Truth, beyond

 the beyond. Thank You for revealing to us a

 methodology for increasing our wisdom,

purifying our consciousness, awareness, and

intelligence, and harmonizing with nature by 

coming back to union with You.


We know, from research, observation, and 

experience, that You are the Source of the 

Kingdom of Divinity, within and beyond the 

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence of
all.  You can be seen as the Hidden One, 

observing consciousness, awareness, and



By Praising and Thanking You in all

 circumstances, and at all times, we are 

surrendering to You and associating with 

You.  This is the spiritual practice which 

purifies us at all levels.   As this happens, we 

can see that You are within and beyond

 " I Am" and Silence.


 We thank and praise You for mothers, fathers,

 sisters and brothers; for sons and daughters; 

we thank and praise You for giving us the 

thoughts, knowledge and remembrance of 



This spiritual process of Praising and 

thanking You in all circumstances, keeps

 out unproductive thoughts, cleanses our 

consciousness of all negativity and restores

 our consciousness, awareness, and 

intelligence back to theirs Original Purity.  


As a result of praising and thanking You, we 

are fast sobering up and returning to our 

original upright, dispassionate consciousness. 

Our intelligence is returning to its keener

 and sharper state, and we are returning to

 ever greater states of Peace.


You are the Source of thought, the One at

 the source of all being. You are all the 

resources we will ever need, to do whatever 

we need to do.  Our goal is to return to 

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence

with You.


The more we, as awareness, are purified by 

associating with You through constant 

remembrance, the more we can  fearlessly 

speak Truth,  radiating Unconditional 

Love for all.  


Thank You, who are within and beyond 

creation, maintenance, and destruction, for 

accepting our humble offerings.  


Within and beyond all, there is nothing

which You do not comprehend.  The more

 we know about You, the more we know

 about all.


Praising You is one the 

spiritual practices that purifies our 

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence. 

 As this happens, we get out of Maya, and 

reawaken to You, our Supreme Being.