Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Jnana Yoga  11

 Praise and Thanksgiving 

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


We think of You as the Source of the

 Energy that pervades and transcends 

the Heavens, the atoms, the quarks, all 

vibratory phenomena and the Infinite 

Stillness of Being, No-thing.


Thank You for teaching us how to reform 

ourselves, and how to raise our moral

 standards. You, the Eternal Light of 

our original Divine nature, are here, now,

 in this moment.


We think of You as the Eternal, Omnipresent,
Omniscient, Supreme Indweller, the Hidden

 One, more subtle than the either, who pervades 

and transcend forms and formlessness.  Of the 

great, You, and only You, are the Greatest! 


Source of all the great, with whom can You 

be compared? You  are eternally bigger 

than the biggest and smaller than the

 smallest,  simultaneously, and You are 

beyond all concepts.  There is no likeness 

of You.


We think of You as pervading and 

transcending nature and the cosmic 

manifestation.  You are within and 

beyond all names, forms, and even 

formlessness.  Surely, You are Supernatural

 in all respects.  None can compare with You. 


You are the indestructible Unity within 

and beyond the cosmic variety of  Solar 

Systems.  Thank You for helping us 

understand this ancient formula for attaining

 unity within ourselves, as well as with others

throughout the Cosmic Manifestations. 


Aggressively thinking about You, the 

Truth of truths, is our methodology for 

overcoming divisive ignorance and being 

emancipated, reestablished, consciously in 

the bliss of Your Eternally United, Divine



 Thank You for revealing to us how, by 

seeking and returning to You, we learn and

 know how to know, love, and uplift ourselves

 and others from our downtrodden  condition

 in Maya. 


 We think of You as the Source of all 

illusions and realities. You are infinitely

 more subtle than air, either and AUM, the

 most perfect union of sound, form and 

formlessness in our experience. 


Thank You for helping us do better for

 ourselves by always thinking of  You. 

 In the process of bettering ourselves, we 

are working for the betterment of all.


Nature, Space, Time, and all 

circumstances  are within You. It is

You alone who are within and beyond

 all. This is the very ancient and

 supremely liberating, spiritual

 knowledge of our most righteous 



True liberation, freedom from Maya, 

Your illusory energy, begins with changing 

the way we see the self.  


We start seeing the self as pure energy 

or spirit, far more subtle than any material

 particles.  We are now seeing the Truth.  We 

are not the body with a soul, we are the 

eternal soul that was misidentifying the self

 to be a temporary, illusory,  material body, 

mind,  and ego.


Now we experience our existence in the 

spiritual world. This world is right next door, 

if You will, to the illusory material world. 

 The difference being that the material

world is temporary; while the spiritual 

world is eternal.


When we change the way we see the self, 

we change the way we see our world.  

When we change the way we see our world, 

from material to spiritual, the world we see 

and experience, changes, from material 

to spiritual.  


You are beyond form and formlessness, 

and You are always here. This path of

 purification of consciousness, awareness, 

and intelligence, purifies our existence.


Purification of existence means,

 elevation out of Maya, the temporary life

 of ignorance and suffering.  Gradually 

we are cleaning up and returning to our 

original, eternal position of union with

 You, Divine Intelligence.


As the undifferentiated Supreme Absolute, 

You pervade and transcend monotheism, 

polytheism, and any other dualities. Like a

 finger pointing toward the midday Sun, mere

 words can only make a feeble attempt to 

explain or aim in the direction of Your 

Super Excellence.