Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Jnana Yoga

Knowledge   12

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


You are beyond all concepts of female,

 male, black, white, wrong right, and all 

other dualities. You are our identity, 

achievements, history, culture, and 

Greatest Expansion of consciousness,

Clearest Awareness, and Sharpest of 



 By thinking of You and praising You, 

we are gradually experiencing the self as

intelligence and You as Devine Intelligence. 

As a result, our life is always enhanced, 

renewed, and advanced; our preparation, 

practice, and production are always 

improving, and our state of being is ever

 more tranquil.


Pervading and Transcending the Sound

 of Silence and the Stillness within which 

it exists. You are the Omniscient Self, 

Divine Intelligence, pervading and 

transcending the intelligence of all. 


Pervading and Transcending the Sound

 of Silence and the Stillness within which

 it exists, You are the Greatest Intelligence 

of  all. 


Praising and thanking You, our Supreme

 Intelligence, helps us to think of You.  

Consequently, our consciousness is becoming 

evermore cleansed of  lust, anger, and greed.  


As cleanliness of our consciousness, 

awareness, and intelligence is occurring, 

 we are comprehending more and more 

Your indivisible, undifferentiated, Supreme 

Absolute Nature.  You are living within and 

beyond our present level of  intelligence.


We think of You as the Source of all

 living beings.  The creativity, power, and 

intelligence they exhibit throughout the 

universe is but a spark of Your Infinite



You are at the center of all we think, feel,

will, say, and do.  Thank You for helping us 

experience Your presence through the 

purifying spiritual practice of Praising and 

Thanking You.


You are within and beyond the Silence

 and space.  Verily, pervading and 

transcending  all, You are the eternal 

witness of  the comings and goings of 

the Cosmic Manifestations.  


We think of You as the Source of  the 

intelligence of the Cosmos.  Our Word is 

an offering for You, the One who inspires

  and understands all.  To no other being is

 our offering brought. 


We think of You as the association who 

clarifies our comprehension.  Our sincere

 thanks to You for awakening us and 

helping us to see and to follow Your  

Most Righteous Guidance.


This knowledge of You, we  are now

 receiving by the grace of  our good

 Karma and Your causeless  mercy.  


The wise of all times, nationalities,

 classes, creeds, colors, and our

 experience, can attest to the practical

 benefits of this spiritual practice.  It is

 offered free of charge or obligation 

 here at everlastingomnipresentpeace.com.


We are evermore blessed to be

 conscious of Your presence in the midst 

of mundane activities. This activity is the

 main association that is responsible for

 truly cleansing and purifying the Pineal

 gland into to its elastic roundness again.


Silence, the Stillness of space and the

 illusion of time are all within You. 

 By always remembering You, we

 gradually experience the true nature

 of the Self, and how to recognize It

in Meditation and at other times. 


This knowledge of  You and Meditation

 is backed-up by the Scriptures, Prophets,

Incarnations and personal experience. 

 We Meditate on You by  listening to "The

 Sound of Silence" and seeing the Self,

 Divine Intelligence, Witnessing the

 "Sound of  Silence" and the screen of



Our Word is a Spiritually Centered

 Ideology.  It is our Heritage, and a

 reawakening to the fact that we are 

Spiritual Beings having an illusion of

 material existence.  


Our Word  is Transformative Process.

for our Self- Restoration from material 

back to spiritual.  It is our offering to

 You,  our building for eternity.