Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Jnana  Yoga 

 Knowledge  2

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Ra.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Ra. Thank You Gayathri.


You are our Primary Ancestor, our Divine Reality, the 

Supreme Authority, the Ultimate Giver of Orders, the 

Greatest Leader, within and beyond all.  Union with 

You is the state of being that sets us free from Maya.


We explore the inner world of the Self by fixing our 

consciousness on You.  We do this by seeing the self 

as spirit, chanting Your name, offering You 

everything, and always praising and thanking You. 


As the consciousness, awareness, and 

intelligence are purified, right view, right  

concentration, right mindfulness, right thought,

 right effort, right livelihood, right behavior, and

 right speech come forth as a natural condition. 


It is natural to love each other as we love 

ourselves.  Through purification of the 

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence, 

we experience the so-called other as the 

Greatest Reality You, our Divine 



The more we think of You, we, the soul 

manifesting through the Pineal Gland is

increasingly aligning with You.  The Supreme 

Soul and Love of  all sentient beings, their

 infinitely strong foundation is You, Divine



Thank You for teaching us how to love 

ourselves by awakening ourselves to You, 

the Supreme Love of all by always thinking 

of You.  

Praising and thanking You, the Most Pure, 

purifies the consciousness, awareness, and 

intellect through the power of Your association. 

Righteousness is a natural behavior that comes 

as we engage in this purification process.


We think of You as Divine Intelligence, of Infinite 

Tranquility and bliss.  Pure, edifying thoughts are 

attracted to the consciousness as a consequence 

of always thinking of You.  From purity of 

thought comes purity of character. 


From purity of character comes a life of, 

truth, righteousness, love, and peace.  Thus

 is the negativity, the Self misidentification, 

which comes from contamination of the 

consciousness, gradually purified and thus 

eliminated from our life. 


Gradually, with purification as a consequence

 of always thinking of You, we reawaken to the 

fact we are not a physical being trying to have a 

spiritual experience. We are an eternal spiritual

 being who pervades and transcends the 

temporary material body, mind, intellect, and 



By always thinking of You, we are constantly 

purifying and raising our consciousness, 

awareness, and intellect to ever greater plateaus

 of wisdom, enlightenment, freedom, security, 

and peace.  


By fixing our consciousness, awareness, and

 intellect on You, we are gradually becoming 

purified, disentangled and liberated from Your 

external illusionary energy, Maya. From 

purification of consciousness, awareness, and

 intellect comes a return to Original Quiescence,

 Infinite, blissful Tranquility. 


Gradually, as we dovetail the activities of our

 lives to attaining reawakening to You, we are 

seeing You as the all pervasive substratum of all 

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence. 

Thank You for helping us remember You and

 how practically apply this remembrance in all



Thank You for helping us remember You. This 

spiritual practice certainly purifies our 

consciousness, awareness, and intellect, while 

empowering us to be a force of unity with the 

capacity for recognizing and respecting the

 creeds of all sentient beings. 


This spiritual practice of all ways remembering 

You, in every possible way, purifies our our

 consciousness, our awareness, and intelligence. 

 Gradually, our consciousness, awareness, and 

intelligence aligns with You, Divine