Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Jnana  Yoga  4

Praise And Thanksgiving 

Thank You Aum.  Thank You  Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You  Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


You, The Supreme Divinity within all, are

 the Source of the Peace and Tranquility

 that we, in our ignorance, were seeking 

outside of own Being


Supreme Intelligence is at hand, in this

 present  moment.  We think of It as 

You, in and beyond consciousness, 

awareness, and ordinary intelligence.


 By the spiritual practice of always thinking 

of  You, our consciousness, awareness, and 

ordinary intelligence are purified.  As this 

happens, we awaken from ignorance,

 become more enlightened, and return to 

conscious union with You.  


You are beyond glamorous, and glorious.

 Mere words can only make a feeble attempt 

to point out Your Super Excellent qualities.


The trillions of cells that make up the

 individual human body and all other bodies

 are infused and surpassed by You.  You are

 more subtle than the subtlest, bigger than the

  biggest, and beyond, at the same time.  Of the 

great, You are definitely the Greatest.


This spiritual practice of praising and 

thanking You gets us out of Your illusory 

energy and keeps us on the straight, loving

path, the right path, to return and remain 

with You. Thank You for teaching us how to 

love ourselves by loving You, the Source of

 our Self, first. 


Thank You for showing us that our 

character can be cleansed, we can stay 

in our spiritual light, and we can rise to 

our ever higher, better, and Divine

 potential by always thinking of You.  


We are purified by always thinking of 

You.  As we come back to our  fulfilled

 lifewe realize the fact that what is known

 by some as hell is Your illusory energy 

Maya.  Moreover, we see what we must 

continue to do, or discontinue doing, to stay 

out of Maya and continue  coming back

 home to You.


Your serenity is infinite, your righteousness 

has no end nor discrimination.  Your Love is

 boundless and all embracing.  Completely 

generous One, thank You for Your Most 

Compassionate Association.


You are beyond void and fullness, subject 

and object, space and time. Thank You

 for revealing to us this ancient, well-worn, 

pathless path of devotional service back

to you. 


 Armed with this knowledge and experience

 of self and Supreme Self, we take control of

 our consciousness, awareness, and intelligence

 as we separate from Maya. Gradually, we enter

 Your Eternal, Spiritual Kingdom which 

permeates the core of all being.  


Although Your Eternal Spiritual 

Kingdom is within our consciousness,

 awareness, and intelligence as Divine

 Intelligence, we must continue purifying 

our existence via Your association to 

experience this fact.


 Day by day, we are remembering You and 

reawakening into spiritual union with our

 original, compassionate, intelligent, and 

tranquil state of being.  Most  importantly,
we are coming  back to our original state of 

Divine  Intelligence.  Thank You for Your 

Enlightening Association and Righteous 



We think of You as the Source of all 

goodness and majesty.  May we, conscious 

of Your Omnipresence, be evermore clean, 

and quiet with an humble attitude, ready to 

show respect to You within others.  Living 

 in this way, it is highly probable that we 

will be intelligent enough to always accept 

Your Divine Guidance.


Thank You for  revealing to us a way back

 to You by this spiritual practice of seeing the

 Self as intelligence pervading consciousness, 

awareness, and ordinary intelligence.


You are within and beyond the Stillness as 

the Most Intelligent Witness.  We think of You

 of You as this Eternal, Omnipresent, Omniscient

 Witness, within and beyond the "Sound" of

 Silence and all else.


These humble efforts to praise You, 

and You alone, help us in our spiritual

 practice of always thinking of You. This

 is a major component in our spiritual

 purification arsenal.


Thank You for revealing to us our ancient 

spiritual system.  It teaches us how to

 bring forth Super Excellent qualities from 

 deep within our Greatest Intelligence by 

concentrating and meditating on You.