Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Jnana  Yoga, 

 Study 1

Thank You Aum.  Thank Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank Aum.  thank You Bha.  Thank You Gayatri.


We research and study about You as the One who

 permeates and is infinitely beyond the illusions of 

beginnings, middles, ends, waking, sleeping, 

dreaming and deep sleep.  Our research and study

 about You is constant,  day and night. 


As we become more conscious and aware, we realize that our liberation into our very best 

self lies in taking refuge in You through constant remembrance.  In order to do this more 

deliberately and effectively we resolve, with great faith, to fix our consciousness on and in 

You.  We meditate on You as the Silence and the Supreme Witness of all.


We fix the mind on You through study of the Indigenous Spirituality of the earth, 

observation of the Spiritual and material practices of the earth, and our own spiritual 

practices. Thus, we work out our salvation, ever more diligently, with prayer, study, 

 sacrifice, service, right association, and meditation centered in You. This gives us the 

intelligence to take good care of our earth, water, and air.  This too is our self.  This too, is 



We study about You, and sacrifice all we think, feel, will, say, and do for You. These are 

some of the tools we use to purify our Pineal gland, revive our consciousness, experience 

the reality of Your Omnipresence, and regenerate our union with You, our Eternal, Divine 

Awareness.  Thank You for showing us how to praise you again.


We think of You as the Most Subtle, Supremely Righteous and Intelligent, Divine Presence 

that we are able to experience to the degree our consciousness is cleansed of anger, lust, and 

greed.  This is a consequence of always thinking of You.


We know You as the Selfless, Immortal, Omnipresent Reality, which exists within Itself. You

are the One Divinity in all, Pure Awareness, in and beyond Your vast and variegated

costumes, disguises, and levels of consciousness. 


 Constantly remembering You is the basis of our clear road map to health of our ecology, 

our labor, our resources, our educational system, and our overall welfare.  Most 

importantly, constantly remembering You is the means to our conscious reunion with You.


Infinite freedom, true liberation, is Absolute. It is realized as we purify our Pineal Gland 

through prayer, study, and nonviolent sacrifice. Gradually we realize that we are the 

Eternal Awareness, beyond I, AM, AUM, Silence, unconsciousness, consciousness, 

knowledge, ignorance, enlightenment, experiencing, witnessing, misery and bliss.


Thank You for showing us how to open the door to eternal liberation from 

Your illusory energy for ourselves as well as for those who come after us. This

 is the responsible life style that makes economical, social, environmental, as 

well as ethical good sense. 


We can fix the mind on You by prayer, study, and nonviolent sacrifice. 

You are the infinite, eternal, source of all potentiality. The undisturbable 

stillness at the basis of all consciousness has its origin in You. Thank You for

 revealing to us ways of fixing our consciousness on You through the spiritual 

discipline of prayer, study, and nonviolent sacrifice.


The more our Pineal Gland and hence, consciousness is purified by prayer, study, and 

nonviolent sacrifice, 
we realize the emptiness of materialistic pleasures, while we realize the 

inner joy and contentment of our Omnipresent Spiritual World. The real business of all 

our endeavors is to always think of You. This is the major tool in our spiritual arsenal for 

purifying our Pineal Gland. 


From the highest to the lowest, any sentient being, all suffer  to varying degrees when 

captured in the illusion of Maya.  Thank You for teaching us that we were in Maya, and 

thank You evermore for showing us a way to awaken from out of  it.


You are beyond glamorous, and glorious. Mere words can only make a feeble attempt

 to point out Your Super Excellence.  Thank You for revealing to us our ancient 

spiritual system which teaches us to take what we have and utilize it for Your 

service in order to gradually reawaken to Your Glory. 


Our  enemy is not of flesh and blood.   Our enemy is our own mind in ignorance 

of  self, out from under our control, and entertaining thoughts that the self is of 

some material designation.