Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Prayer/Study/Sacrifice 10

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


We are Spiritual Beings, Pure Intellegent Energy having 

a human experience, this life time.  According to the law of  

Reincarnation and Karma, whatever our mind is most fixed 

on at  the time of death, we are attracted to the appropriate 

womb to finish or continue our  Karma. 


 Fixing our mind on You at every moment, we strive to finish 

 our work, our Karma, this lifetime and return to You, 

our  Supreme Spiritual connection.  Thank You again and yet 

again for helping us see the  crucial importance of taking 

very seriously this duty of fixing our mind on You.


You pervade and transcend AUM, Your original, primeval 

word, from which Amen  and all other sounds, vibrations and 

varieties are descended. You are the Source of Truth, 

Righteousness, Love, and Peace.  We think of You as the 

Inner Voice, within and beyond all. 


Thank You for teaching us how to fix our mind on You by the 

sacrifice of always thinking of You. Thus, we are able to listen 

to You, follow, and be resurrected, character and soul, by 

Your time tested knowledge and wisdom.  The best 

knowledge and wisdom we are acquiring is a result  of 

striving for perfection by fixing our consciousness on You.


We think of You and concentrate on You as the animating 

Spirit and the Infinite Awareness within and beyond all 

beings. While contemplating You within and beyond all, we 

are developing an ever greater reverence for You. 


This associative attachment to You, the Most Pure, is our 

primary instrument for purifying our consciousness of  the 

brigands:  anger, lust and greed; as this is done, the Pineal 

Gland is purified, our innate spirituality comes forth, and we 

see that there is no limit to our potential for Spiritual 

Development and Love.


Thank You for teaching us how to study about You, how to 

make nonviolent sacrifices to You and how to meditate on 

You.  It is through this spiritual practice that our awareness 

is purified and we return to ever greater harmony with You 

and the universe.


It is through Your association that our consciousness 

is purified.  As our consciousness is purified, the better we 

are able to keep It free of unedifying thoughts, the thoughts 

that attempt to enter and pollute our consciousness with 

desire for anything other than You.  


Anything other than You is Maya, illusion.  We think of You 

as the Eternal, Supreme Pure, within and beyond all images,

shapes and forms.  We associate with You by always thinking 

of You.  The more we associate with You the sooner our 

consciousness is purified back to Its original state, You.  


We think of You as the Eternal, Unchanging, Blissfilled 

Intelligence of the universe.To recapitulate:  We control our 

mind by fixing it on You.  It is through this control of our 

mind by fixing it on You that our consciousness is purified of 

desire for Maya.  


As we are freed from desire, we progress in our self-

cultivation.  This leads to union with You, the basis of 

our Spiritual Civilization and the Goal of  our life.


We think of You as the most perfect One, the Supreme Being 

above all other beings.  You, the Supreme Perfection within 

and beyond all, holds us all together.  


We think of You as beyond being and non-being, self and non-

self, empty and fullness, center and centerlessness.  All 

other versions of Yin and Yang, and all other dualities exist 

within Your Absolute Omnipresence.  


Thank You for educating us out of the silliness of our 

miseducation, thinking the body is the self.  Thank You for  

rebirthing us in spirit and making us whole again.