Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Prayer/Study/Sacrifice   12


Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


The purpose of everlastingomnipresentpeace.com is to present spiritual culture. It consists 

of discussions and practices pertaining to ways and means of organizing, 

cultivating, and unfolding our Original Divinity from the innermost Silence of Being. It is 

here, right now, at this present moment. 


Thank You for showing us how, through constant remembrance of You, to come out and 

rise from the denseness,  slavery, and  suffering of Maya's ignorance.  We think of You 

as the loving, liberating, light of  Truth.


As spirit, our goal is not birth, growth, old-age, disease, and death. Our goal is conscious 

liberation from the illusion and reunion with You, the Supreme Spirit, the One Most 

Superior Energy in whom the many are One Complete Perfection.


This Original divinity is also known as Enlightenment. Association with You through

discussions and practices of an enlightening, spiritual nature, brings about nonviolent, 

complete, constructive change; it helps to reestablish us in our original spirituality.  In this 

light, Our Word is Satsang.


No donations, nor any other form of financial solicitation or renumeration is requested 

or suggested.  everlastingomnipresentpeace.com shares, free of charge or obligation, in a 

clear and logical manner, this  ancient, yet very modern, spiritual knowledge. 


This ancient and very modern spiritual knowledge supports in our efforts to experience 

and live in, and as, our Eternal, Omnipresent, Divinity.  Thank You for helping us to come 

back to our Ancient, yet very modern, Self.


This Site is an offering to You, the One in the many in whom the many are One.  May You, 

the reservoir of all pleasure, creation, maintenance, and dissolution be pleased with our 

humble offerings of devotion and love.  


We remember You as immanent and transcendental Bliss.  This bliss simultaneously 

fills all space and time.  It vibrates in ecstasy throughout earth and every pore of our 

material body, and It is within and beyond the complete being of the 



Gradually we ascend from, and remain free of, the illusion, Maya.  We are now in 

Everlasting Omnipresent Peace.  We have returned to the Self, and we remain where we 

have always been, albeit, unconsciously.


It is  this spiritual practice of remembering You that is cleaning us, as consciousness, and 

 liberating us from Maya.  Thank You for helping us to remember You.


We associate with You by always thinking of You.  This association is the primary 

instrument for purifying our consciousness.  Always thinking of You leads to concentration 

on You which in turn leads to meditating on You.  As this happens, there is restoration of 

true self knowledge, dignity, and self respect at all levels of consciousness. 


Sobriety and dignity at all levels of consciousness demand that we regain our sanity.  

Moreover, this sort of sobriety and dignity of consciousness brings,  in the wake of our 

returning to sanity, the recognition that we are the Eternal Spirit, Pure Energy, pervading 

and transcending the body, mind, intellect, and ego. 


Seeing the self as spirit causes a positive change in our behavior.  When we change the way 

we look at the self, we change the way we look at the world. When we change the 

way we look at the world the world we look at, and our behavior toward it,  changes.


Due to purification of consciousness, we experience dissection and eradication of 

the illusion from our consciousness, there is spiritual healing. This purification happens 
due to association with You, Supreme Spirit, the Highest, Greatest, Purest, Power of all.