Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Prayer/Study/Sacrifice  14

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


We think of You as Omnipresent, Omniscence, and Aum, beyond left and right, I and AM; 

AUM, Bha, Kali Ma, Jah; Rah, Hotep, Slence, unconsciousness, consciousness, 

Knowledge, ignorance; enlightenment, experiencing, witnessing, misery and bliss. 


The more we sober up into Your Presence, consciously, the more we experience 

healing, healthiness, and wholeness of the Self again. This is experience of unity in You.  

Undifferentiated, indivisible, Supreme  Absolute,  You are our original state of Infinite, 

Tranquil Freedom and Peace.  


We are free from the illusion of remembrance; coming and going, rising and falling; 

higher  and lower, ignorance and enlightenment; failure and success, as we experience the 

Eternal Omnipresence, reality of You, who are within and beyond description, 

characteristics and behavior here, now, in this moment.


Know Thy Self is accomplished as we purify our consciousness and know You, here, now, in 

this present moment. You are Supreme Reality, the Supreme Love. You are This, Here, 

Now; beyond empty, fullness, formlessness and form. 


We meditate on You as the Witness of Silence looking out hrough our Third Eye, Pineal 

gland, gradually changes unconsciousness into consciousness, darkness into light, 

spiritual blindness to infinite sight.


You are the Source of our mental strength, keen intelligence; infinite energy, highest 

morality; supreme creativity and our power to persevere.   We think of You as being within 

and beyond shapes and forms.  Thank You for teaching us how to raise ourselves by our 

Self by being in constant remembrance of  You. 


Thus we rise, from the  frustrating muck, mire, oppressions; dualities and depressions of 

the fierce oceans of material existence, to the infinite inner joy and contentment of You, 

the Supreme Intelligence, Freedom, Security, and Peace of all.


Purification of consciousness brings back to all levels of our consciousness the reality that I 

am spirit. We are spirit, and You are the Supreme Spirit of all; knowledge and experience 

of  this fact, along with our history and spirituality gives us our inspiration and strength to 

persevere on this path of liberation in union with You.


Consisting of  spiritual, intellectual, mental, moral and physical, renewal and development, 

Our Word is our humble offering to You, our Supreme Being.  We think of You as always 

here.  We can access Your loving presence through the Sound of Silence and the Awareness 

of all.


You are also known as the Only Praise Worthy, and the Most High.  It is You alone, who 

are the reservoir of fulfillment and Peace, to whom we make this humble offering of praise 

and thanksgiving.


According to the Atharva Veda, Mundaka Upanishad  2.1.2, and our humble 

experience, You, "Self-resplendent, formless, unoriginated and pure, that all - pervading 

being", are "both within and without.  You transcend "even the transcendent, 

unmanifest, causal state of  the universe." Atharva Veda, Mundaka Upanishad  2.1.2. 


We think of  You as the Source of Righteousness:  The rules and moral values which clean 

us and lead us as individuals and civilizations from the level of selfish brutes, to the level of 

Human Beings.  Thank You for helping us awaken awaken ever stronger, more balanced, 

and steady in Your Righteousness.


From Human Dignity, Your rules and moral values lead us out of Maya, wherein all are 

more or less savages, barbarians, beasts, up to the level a human being. Our heritage 

is spiritual. 


We are spirit or energy, in quality one with You.  The Eternal, Supreme Energy or Spirit of 

all is Immovable You.  It comes from You, remains in You, and is totally reabsorbed in You.  

It is Yours.