Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Prayer/Study/Sacrifice   16

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


The real business of our life is to sober up and center our lower eccentric consciousness by 

always thinking of You.  In this way, we are evermore centered and balanced, living in 

increasing  consciousness of You.  We think of You as our Supreme Unity within, 

encompassing, and beyond the Infinite Diversities of life.


You are our Eternal Life of Infinite Cleanliness and Tranquility.  By always thinking of 

You, we return to the harmony and cleanliness of Your Master Plan. This is the 

Purity and Peace in which the Galaxies are born, grow, and eventually dissolve.


Always thinking of You leads us to meditation on You, who are beyond all thought.  With 

patience and determination, wpractice meditating on You as Silence and the Awareness of 



Always thinking of You is associating with You. Associating with You, the Most Pure, 

cleans us up and restores us to our original Integrity, our Divine Holiness, our Total 

Devotion to You.


Gradually,  contemplation, concentration, and meditation, decalcifies the Pineal Gland.  As 

this happens, we can see You and meditate on You, ever more. 


You are experienced as the IndestructibleOmnipresence, within whom all, 

including Silence, have there existence.  Thank You for helping us to always think 

of You. 


Keeping the consciousness fixed on You, the most majestic, by submitting/surrendering all 

to, sobers up the lower consciousness to Ever Greater Consciousness.  Thank You 

for helping us keep our consciousness fixed on You. 


By always thinking of You, our consciousness awakens,  recalls,  and seriously considers, 

the heights from which it has fallen.  Now, with patience, determination, study, and 

spiritual practice, It always think of You and gradually returns to You, the origin from 

which it has yearned to return, although having never really left.


We think of You as Suffusing and Surmounting all, including nothing. You are the Infinite 

Awareness beyond the beyond. This Self is always here in Infinity.  We meditate on You 

as Silence, Ecstatic Bliss, and this Supreme Awareness of all.


Now, turning to You in genuine repentance and faith, based on experience, we continue our 

journey into Now, back to You.  Progressively, consciousness returns to its glorious past in

the infinity of Now.  This is  Its original Spirituality, Its Peace, Its Infinite Awareness. 


Clearly then, we see, if we are to move up, advancing spiritually, we must change the way 

we conceive the self.  Seeing the Self as spirit or energy causes a one hundred and 

eighty degree change in the way we see others, the worlds, and our role in it and outside of 



In the worlds we can remain detached, doing Karma Yoga, offering our labors and the 

results of our labors to You.  Outside of the worlds, we can remember You, and the fact 

that the true self, the pure energy pervading all, is doing nothing.


We believe, in the light of experience and knowledge, that the true Self is not physical, 

mental, intellectual, nor ego. Pervading and transcending the aforementioned, the True Self

 is the Changeless Witness of all phenomena such as ego, intellect, mind, senses, body.