Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Praise/Study/Sacrifice   17

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


We think of You as this illimitable, Eternal Self, the unborn, unchanging, undying, witness 

of the constant flux of change. The constant flux is also known Maya.  Thank You for 

helping us remember You and awaken from Maya.


Maya is the illusory energy, associated with the body, mind, intelligence, ego and all their 

webs of entanglements.  We think of You as the ever detached One, ever pervading and 

transcending Maya. 


Our spiritual practice, of which meditation is one major limb, empowers us to gradually 

become aware of our omnipresent  stillness. We meditate on this stillness and 

gradually are always aware of its presence as the Transcendental Consciousness 

within the Awareness.   


We know that our real adversary is our mind out from under our control. We bring the 

mind under our control and break lower consciousness out of the ignorance and suffering 

of materialistic, egocentric, existence by always thinking of You. 


We meditate on You as the Supreme Witness of Everything and Nothing, the Eternal,

Pure, Awareness; no name, no shape, no form, no beginning, in and beyond middles, and 



We meditate on You as the Always Here, from no where and beyond everywhere, nowhere,

 and nothing.  Surely, You are the Greatest of the Great.  No matter how big or small, 

You are the Greatest. 


You are the only One upon whom we can completely depend. We know this from our past 

dealings with You and others. Thank You for revealing to us how to meditate on the sounds 

of the present moment and Silence in order to experience ever greater union with You. 

Surely, You are the Super Soul of all.


 As we think of You, concentrate on You, and meditate on You, the ego dissolves and we 

slowly regain our absolute humility.  Gradually, we experience and know the self within the 

Self.  We completely recognize and experience It as the long forgotten yet completely 

remembered Self. 


We concentrate on You as the Supreme Source and Witness, within, encompassing, and 

beyond, the Cosmic Manifestation and No-thing.  We think of You as the Supreme Knower

of everything and nothing.  The only One who completely satisfies upon being seen, heard, 

or otherwise experienced, is You. 


You, our One Supreme Being, are recognized and respected to the utmost.  As far as we are 

concerned, You, the One within and beyond all names, forms and all dualities,  are the only

One we need to recognize, worship, and adore.  All of our praise and thanksgiving we  

submit to You alone.


We think of You, we concentrate on You as pervading and transcending all, such as in and 

out, secular and profane, dryness and rain, science and religion, hesitation and firm 

decision, secular and sacred, aesthetic and practical, church and state, and all other 

dualities.  Truly, You are the Eternal, Supreme One, in and beyond the many who are all 

within You.


Your Divine Awareness and Master Plan are reflected in all that  exists.  All praise is due to 

You, The Most Pure, the Most High, The Most  Powerful, The Most Virtuous.  May we 

consciously be used by You for the cause of infinite  freedom and Your greater Glory.


Through the scientific process of always thinking of You we fulfill our purpose of our life, 

individually and collectively, to reunite with Your Eternal, Spiritual Divinity.  All:  gods, 

demigods, and demons, and all sentient and insentient beings, are aspects of Your One 

Eternal Divinity.  


Pervading  and transcending all bodies,  minds, intellects, and egos, You are this Self, here, 

now, before the beginning,  during the middle, and after the end of the I thought.  You, 

the Most expansive, Divine Self, are Absolutely Free, eternally the Supreme Awareness of