Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Prayer/Study/Sacrifice 2

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


All praises to You, Supreme Soul of the cosmic manifestation.   

You are the changeless way to ever increasing inner joy and 

contentment. Thank You for bringing more light to our 

traditional beliefs by inspiring us to search deeper and more 

critically for the truth of who we really are.


Prayer, study, and nonviolent sacrifice to You are spiritual 

tools for  sobering us up.  In the process it is revealed to us 

how to remain consciously one with Your Perfect peace as 

we witness and transcend all the trials, and other 

other circumstances of life in the ephemeral, illusory worlds.


Everlasting Omnipresent Peace.com is a conversation with 

You and  with those who are spiritually awakening from the 

illusion of Maya.  Thank You for helping us seek the Truth 

and experience conscious  union with You.


A cultivated knower and experiencer of Self, though 

respecting all beings, due to the ability to see and serve 

You in all, will never accept an inferior position, 

 psychological or otherwise, to a less cultivated

 individual, place, or thing. 



The more we see and serve You through prayer, study, and 

sacrifice our consciousness is transformed from materially 

contaminated and illusioned to soberly realized, spiritually 

rich, Pure Awareness.


Those with the greatest and best 
knowledge of Self, 

in Truth and practice, are the most cultivated, 

understanding and compassionate, under You, the

 Greatest of all. 


 Thank You for teaching us how to pick ourselves up

and how to get ourselves together again through prayer, 

study, and nonviolent sacrifice to You.


Spiritual realization brings in its wake true knowledge. 

Gradually our consciousness is purified, and we see with 

equal vision. We are equal-minded toward all.  Living in 

awareness of  You,  we serve You in all.


 Thank You for teaching us how to realize our individual 

integrity within You through prayer, study, and nonviolent 

sacrifice to You.  By constantly praying to You, studying 

about You, and making nonviolent sacrifices to You, we are 

coming back to You.


Basic ignorance of self, that the self is of a particular 

bodily distinction, race,  creed, color, nationality, or any 

designation, is the cause of our continuous  suffering 

in the worlds of illusions.


This Eternal, Pure Energy, or Awareness, this Field of 

Infinite Awareness which pervades and transcends all 

consciousness, Stillness, and all states of Being, is the 

Supreme Awareness, God. 


We generally call this Eternal Energy the Soul, Spirit, or

Energy.  Ultimately, It is only You, the Source.  We also call 

You the Eternal, Super Soul or Supreme Awareness of all.


As we transcend Maya by always thinking of You, we 

simultaneously return back to Home.  Our original life of 

Eternal Bliss is Home.  It is here in Eternity, Now.