Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Prayer/Study/Sacrifice 4

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


Our method for achieving this objective of Divine 

Awareness and Consciousness is recognition that 

 the real enemy is forgetfulness of You and ignorance 

of who we are.  


You are the Source of  Enlightenment and Supreme 

Wisdom.  Our spiritual practice is helping us

 remember You and who we are.  Gradually, the

 wheel of Samsara is stoping, and our entrapment

   in Maya is dissolving. 


Gradually, we cleanse our consciousness of anger, lust, 

and greed, the poisons that drag us into ever deeper levels 

of suffering.  By remembering You, our consciousness is 

cleansed, we awaken and rise out of suffering, Maya.


We purify our consciousness by always thinking of You. 

Additionally, we see the Self as Energy or Awareness looking 

out through the body from the Pineal Gland.  we think of  

You as the Source of the Energy or Awareness looking out 

through the Pineal Gland.


The cleaner our consciousness the purer and higher our 

intellect. The purer and higher our intellect the more our 

thoughts are guided in a more edifying manner. 


We can clearly see, as the consciousness is quieted by always 

thinking of You, that the Self  in its original state is

 Everlasting Omnipresent Peace.  This is the Peace that 

exists before, during, and after the Cosmic 



 As our thoughts are guided in a more edifying manner, we 

are empowered to live a more morally upright and productive

life that leads us ever consciously closer to You. 


Thank You for helping us to keep within the perimeters of  

Your truth, righteousness, love and peace. We know this is 

Your Truth, Righteousness, Love, and Peace because it helps 

us to remember You and leads us Back to You.  


We concentrate on  You as our Eternal Leader, the source of 

all power and glory. Thank you for teaching us how to focus 

our consciousness on You through prayer, study, and 

nonviolent sacrifice.


Concentrating on You, unwholesome thoughts are clearing 

out of our consciousness.  We are returning to 

Silence and Still Awareness.  We think of You as all, within 

all, before all, and after all, excluding no one and no thing, 



The more we purify our consciousness and awareness by 

always thinking of You, the more we gain in self knowledge.  

The greater our knowledge of self, the more our self esteem 

rises.  Thank You for helping us to always think of You.


Knowledge and experience of  Your Omnipresence inspires  

us to do good and purify our consciousness.  This helps

us to raise our moral behavior, reform our lives, and continue 

to awaken to Your Supreme Reality. 


 Irrefutably, based on our research, observation, and 

experience, You are our  Supreme Being.  You need no 

partners, wholesalers, retailers, or any other kind of 

middle beings. 


Thank You for teaching us how to string together prayer, 

study, and sacrifice to You. This spiritual practice has 

survived the ravages of the elements, and of time itself.  

Moreover, it is proven to help us get ever closer to You.