Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Prayer/Study/Sacrifice 5

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.

 You are within and beyond the sun, moon, and the stars.  

Thank You for teaching us how to be beyond thought, 

and how to re-align with You.  This is how we  restore  our 

lower consciousness, consciously, to its former position of  

Eternal, Divine  Nature.  


We think to be restored to our Original, Eternal, Divine 

Nature is our greatest wealth.  It is the best blessing we 

can pass on to our children, the present, and future 



As far as we are concerned, that which is eternal is the only 

truly worthwhile pursuit for our thoughts, word, or deeds.

We think of You as the Eternal Loving Presence pervading 

and beyond all Sentient Beings.  Through spiritual practices 

and Your Grace, You can be experienced as One's own 

Supreme Reality.


The change in our value system entails seeing the self as 

eternal spirit, consciousness, awareness, or energy, rather 

than as temporary body, mind, intellect, or ego.   We think of 

You as Eternal, Supreme Being, Consciousness, Awareness, 

or Energy.  The Source of all that be.


We meditate on You as our Supreme Consciousness, Most 

Righteous, the Greatest Witness, and the Most Subtle.  You 

are within and beyond controller and controlled, and any 

species of life. 


Thinking, concentrating, and meditating on You, in the way 

of the previous paragraph, cleans our consciousness, thins 

and gradually dissolves the veil of ignorance of Self.  That 

is what hides Your Omniscience from us and keeps us 

entangled in Maya.


Surely,  You, the Ultimate Goal of our assertions, are our 

Moral Connection with Spirituality, and the One who gives 

meaning and purpose to our life.  All of our activities are an 

humble offering to You.


We think of You as the Source of our conception of  

 Spirituality and Morality.  Surely, You are the Power behind 

and in front of our individual and social, spiritual and 

moral uplift.


We think of You as Supreme Being of Infinite Consciousness 

and Intelligence.  Thank You for helping us realize that the 

best learning comes when the students are educated based on 

a foundation based on a knowledge and devotion to You, 

Nature's Divinity.


 One of the main avenues from which this knowledge and 

devotion to You comes is the spiritual practice of prayer, 

study, and nonviolent sacrifice to You. We think of You as the 

Supreme Unity within the vast diversities of sentient 



Our prayer is thanking, praising, and offering all to You.  

Our study is centered in finding out the Truth about You.

Our nonviolent sacrifice consists of chanting Your Holy 

Names.  We meditate on You as the Witness of Silence,

 Stillness, and the Witness Ad infinitum. 


We think of You as the Unoriginate One, the Source and Pure 

Intelligence within all.  Thank You for teaching us knowledge 

of Self and how to realize it through prayer, study, and 

nonviolent sacrifice. 


We  suffer because of our own Karma.  We continue 

to suffer until we come back into consciousness of You.  

We do this by engaging in a spiritual practice of purifying 

our consciousness and seeing the self as energy or spirit.


The more our consciousness is pure, the more our

 thinking, feeling, willing, and doing are pure.   The 

more this happens, the less we make bad Karma.  The

 less we do bad Karma, the less we suffer.  Karma, good

   or bad, is our own doing.  Others, persons, places, 

things, or elements are simply instruments through

      which our Karma returns to us.