Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Karma Yoga  

Offering  1

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.

If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit 

or water, I will accept it.


As a consequence of a calm, quiet,  clear consciousness 

and awareness, we better our spiritual, intellectual, mental, 

and physical health.  Gradually, we are spiritually healed and 

return to union with You, our Eternal Peace.


Moreover, as we take care of our health, we are working out 

our salvation with diligence.  Simultaneously, we are

contributing, quietly and effectively, to the health of our 

earth, water, air, and the health and well being of all Sentient 



To the extent our consciousness is purified, we regain our 

natural right thoughts, feeling, willing, and doing. 

Sustainable development, real identity, and Justice in the 

universe follow.   However, only You are the objective of our 

endeavors;  nothing else. This is real. 


This is positive transformation of body, mind, intellect, and 

ego.  It is life transformative development,  metamorphoses 

from  temporary material existence back to the 

eternality of the soul. 


We think of You as the source of all purity, patience, and 

perseverance who pervades and transcends all bloodlines. 

Thank You for helping us to recognize You in all we think, 

feel, will, say, and do.  


Thinking of You the way mentioned above, we enlarge our 

understanding while we continue to  evolve into our very best 

Self, also known as Ultimate Consciousness, Energy, or 



Pursuing this further, thank You for helping us to remember 

You and ourselves in all we offer, give away, in the 

performance of austerities, or even in our suffering.  In this 

way we see through the vicious games of Maya.  


Gradually we understand how to transcend Maya by keeping 

our consciousness fixed on You, and we continue 

evolving into our maximum potential, You, our full and 

complete Freedom.


We think of You as our Supreme, Eternal, Quintessence,  We 

have confidence in You.  As we concentrate on You, we are 

transcending  fear, forgetfulness, and many other negative  

qualities.  Thank You  for  teaching us how to remain out of 

the tricks,  suffering and  despair of Maya, Your illusory 



We think of You as our our Most Righteous, Virtuous, and 

Strongest of the Strong  Thinking of You in this way purifies 

our consciousness and helps us return to our Most Righteous, 

Virtuous, and Strongest of the strong state of Being, You.


The mind is consciousness containing thoughts. These 

thoughts are motivated by the energy of consciousness, 

influenced by past, present, or future sense impressions.  

Thinking prompts feeling, which in turn induces willing, 

which provokes doing.  


We think of You as Infinite, Pure Awareness at the core of all 

being. Although Your power pervades them, You are forever 

free from lust, anger, and greed, the brigands who 

contaminate our consciousness and cause us to suffer.


Because of our ignorance of self we work very hard trying to 

satisfy the insatiable senses.  It cannot be  done and we end 

up making bad Karma trying to get satisfaction and 

fulfillment through the eyes, nose, tongue, belly, and/or 



Bad Karma is what causes our spiritual, egoistic, 

intellectual, mental, and/or physical suffering.  Others, 

persons, places, or things, are simply  instruments through 

which our Karma, bad or good, returns to us.


We depend on You, the Most dependable, to help us 

always think of  You.  This  spiritual practice cleanses our 

consciousness of anger, lust, and  greed, the contaminates of  

pure consciousness.  We know and and  are happier because

 as the consciousness is cleansed,  Ecstatic Bliss, our original 

nature, is experienced as who we really are.


   Always thinking of  You, through research, study, our 

spiritual practice, knowledge, observation, and experience, is 

our  winning process. It is exactly what we are doing, right 

now, to solve our problems.  Designed and practiced to 

cleanse our consciousness, it is working.


We think of You as the Source of thought, and all clear 

and firm understanding.  The cleaner our consciousness, the 

greater we reap the benefits of Your Omniscience at the 

Source of all beings. 


We think of You as the Greatest Harmony, Justice, and Bliss 

filled Awareness. You are all the resources we will ever need 

to do whatever we need to do to return to You.  Thank You 

for  teaching us  how to surrender to You and thus unfold a 

clean and strong heart, Divine Vision, and the spirit of