Everlasting Omnipresent Peace



 Offering   10

Thank You Aum.  Thank You bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You bha. Thank You Gayatri.


All praises to You, Supreme Awareness who pervades and 

transcends the totality of all manifestation. The more we 

surrender all we think, feel, will, say and do to You, the 

greater is our visualization of Your role in attracting, via  of 

Your gravity, the cosmic creation out of Nothing.  Your 

gravity comes from You, the all Attractive One.


The  maintenance of the Cosmos is by Your All pervasive 

Creative Intelligence, and so is its destruction by Your 

Cosmic Intelligence.  All praise to the Oneness of Your 

Infinite Power and Glory. 


We think of You as Undifferentiated, Supreme and Absolute, 

the Indivisible Infinity pervading and transcending  all. 

We think of You as the Pervader and the One who 

transcends Heaven, Earth, and all in between and beyond


 We think of  You as the One, Indivisible, Whole.  All praise 

be to You, Supreme Being of the cosmic manifestation of 

whom none is ever equal


We think of the Suns, Moons, all the Solar Systems, inquiry, 

logical analysis and presentation, reasoning, strength, 

courage, wisdom, and right comprehension as all having their 

origin, maintenance, and dissolution in You.  Verily, we think 

of You as within and beyond heaven, hell, all in between, and 

all beyond the beyond to infinity.


We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You 

as the Undifferentiated,  Indivisible, Supreme Absolute.  The 

Black Hole and the Void are included within You; You pervade 

and transcend both.


As Pure  Consciousness or Infinite Awareness You are 

inside, outside and beyond our ability to conceive at this 

present level of consciousness.  No matter how high or 

great is our present consciousness or awareness, You are 

higher and greater.  


 We think of You as lower than the Lowest and Higher than 

the Highest, simultaneously. In the light of careful, logical, 

and rational thought, few will deny that You are the Greatest.


Slowly, we see that what we think is mind are 

reactions to sense impressions, past, present or 

future/imaginary.  Thank You for allowing us to have the 

vision of You beyond the end of time, beyond the beyond.


We think of You as Supreme Being of all being, sentient 

and insentient.  Simultaneously, You are within and beyond 

all consciousness and awareness.  At this point, there is no duality.  

Consciousness  and Awareness are  One, and You are its  Source.


As the consciousness  is cleansed, we increasingly become

more intelligent, creative, and energetic, for we are returning 

to You, the Source of all creativity, intelligence, and power.  

Knowing You are the Greatest, we are  submitting to You 

our life,  breath,  love, and death.  


Everything we know, have known, will know; all 

we have been, are, or will be, we offer to Thee.  The Truth is 

here with You as You.  As our consciousness  is cleansed, as a 

result of our association with You, we experience this fact.


 We meditate  on You as Silence and as the Supreme Witness 

of this Great Silence, here now.  In order  to maintain and 

continue to reclaim this self unifying experience, we are 

hearing  about You, calling out Your name 

and Offering/Submitting all to You. 


 This spiritual practice is definitely cleansing our life of the 

consciousness polluting brigands:  Anger, lust, greed, and 

it is bringing our consciousness back to and 

beyond compassion, love, and charity.


We think of You as our Supreme Being.  As our 

consciousness is cleansed of those brigands:  Anger, lust, and 

greed, we are empowered to see You living inside and outside 

of the universe, as the eternal Witness of 

its Everlasting, Omnipresent, Peace.


  We meditate on You as in the universe and the universe is 

within You.  You are also the witness of all this and Nothing 

at all.  Nothing, the Void  is impossible without You. 

Advadhuta - Gita  Chapter   1

Advadhuta - Gita  Chapter   1


We think of You as the Most Pure, within and beyond impersonal

 and personal, aversion and attachment.  Remembrance of  You purifies 

our consciousness and keep us within the boundaries of truth, 

righteousness, love, and peace.  In this way, we are gradually freed from the 

intoxicating disease of self ignorance. 


 Thank You for helping us to be here, at One, with You, the natural and 

Eternally Existent Self.  We meditate on You as Supreme Being, in and 

beyond everyone, moving and immobile, throughout the universe and beyond.  

You are Immovable Supreme Being of all.  Infinite space and all levels of

awareness are within You, yet You are beyond them all.