Everlasting Omnipresent Peace



 Offering   11

Thank You Aum.  Thank You bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You bha. Thank You Gayatri.


Our One Supreme Being of the Universes, our humble 

obeisances, prayers, praises, thanksgivings, and other 

offerings are to You alone.


 We are grateful to You for revealing to us the fact that the 

major psychological impairment at the root of our spiritual 

pathology is the mistaken belief that the self is a material, 

mental, intellectual or ego entity.   


The solution to the problems of our life is our having a 

consistent and ever growing experience of  You.  We meditate 

on You as the Supreme Witness of the Totality of  

Consciousness which pervades and transcends all. 


Sentient and insentient beings, all of nature and nature's laws 

exist within Your Supreme Divinity.  As our consciousness is 

cleansed by meditation on You as the Witness of Silence, You 

can be known and experienced as the Self of the 

Self ad infinitum.


By always thinking of  You, our Supreme Being, the Totality

which pervades and transcends all consciousness,  we are 

reunited, consciously, with You.  Consequently, our public 

self, private self and core self return to Oneness of  being.  


Our integrity is now restored.  Now, we can develop from an 

eternal foundation.   This Eternal foundation is You, One 

who can never leave us, disappoint nor disintegrate in any 

way, shape, form, or fashion.


We meditate on You as the One, the Greatest, the Self 

Produced,  Supreme Being, within all Divinity yet all Divinity 

together cannot contain You.  We meditate on You for illuminated 

intelligence, spiritual development, elevation, and total, conscious, 

union with You.


We are also realizing how cleanliness of the lens of the Pineal 

gland empowers us to remain one with Your Perfect Peace .  

This is the Peace which pervades and transcends the 

tribulations, vicissitudes, and other circumstances of life in 

the duality worlds of illusions. 


We think of You,  we concentrate on You.  We think of You, 

as The Supreme Intelligence of all, who are are beyond 

uncreated, created, and any other dualities. 


Thank You for teaching us, how through constant 

remembrance of You,  we can cut the knot of ignorance of self 

and truly save ourselves from the terrific cycles of birth, 

disease, old-age and death, Samsara.  


We offer You our hopes, our dreams our plans, our schemes. 

We offer You our nights our days our hopes, our praise. All 

things good, noble, honorable, and pure, everything we have, 

we bring as an offering to You. These offerings help us 

remember You.


We think of You as encompassing, suffusing, and beyond all 

dualities. Your Eternal reign of  power and glory pervades 

and transcends heaven and the entire universe. You 

are  beyond past, present, and future. Thank You for 

accepting our prayer, study, and sacrifice done as an offering 

to You.


In conscious, semi-conscious, unconsciousness, sleeping, 

wake, or  trance state of being, we want to always remember 

to take refuge in You by calling out Your name, offering 

You everything, and thinking about, concentrating on, and 

meditating on, You witnessing Silence.


We, in our ignorance of  Self, had forgotten You and 

were sinking lower and lower, deeper and deeper, getting 

evermore entangled, in the abyss of names and forms, 

ignorance and suffering,  Maya.  


Our primary goal is to return to our original position.  Before 

the fall into the temporary worlds of illusion, also known as 

Maya,  we were existing in Your bliss that is indescribable  in 

the words of this  present world.  To get back up to our 

original position, this world of bliss, we must remember You.


 It is to You and You alone that we bring these humble 

offerings of praise, gratitude, thanksgiving, and devotional 

love. This spiritual practice helps us regain our spiritual 

memory and awaken to our original, most righteous 

consciousness, You.


Being ever more conscious of Your omnipresence purifies our 

consciousness. This keeps us totally, consciously, in the 

present  moment, performing our mundane tasks more 

efficiently with greater love and affection for You.  Thank 

You for helping us always think of You.  This is helping us be 

ever more conscious of  You.


We think of You as pervading and transcending all names, 

forms, and consciousness.  We have no desire to accumulate 

followers, wealth, nor fame. We are endeavoring to never 

forget and always remember You in all circumstances, 

especially at the time of  death.