Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Offering  13 

Thank You Aum.  Thank You bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You bha. Thank You Gayatri.


We were undeveloped spiritually, intellectually, mentally, and 

physically, unsure of a way out, or if there was 

way out of hell Most of the time, we did not even know we 

were in Maya/Hell.  We definitely did not consider that the 

Kingdom of Heaven just might be within our own 



 Always thinking of  You is raising us out of Maya into 

Your Righteous likeness again.  Hence, our individual 

and social conditions are being cleansed and refined.

  The more our consciousness is cleansed,  the greater is our 

healthy spiritual, intellectual, mental, and physical 

development.   The greatest stage of all healthy

 development is conscious union with You.


As we practice always remembering You, we are experiencing 

the fact that lust, anger, and greed, the heartless enslavers of 

the ego, intellect, mind, and body, are gradually dissolving 

from our life.


 We can testify from our personal observation and experience 

that this spiritual practice is working. It is reestablishing us 

in our original nature of truth, righteousness, love, freedom 

and peace.  


Surrendering all to You fixes the mind on You, purifies our 

consciousness. This frees us from vanity and the mentality 

that attaches to temporary joys and sorrows. 


The more we surrender all to You, the more we are awake, 

alive in the present moment. Thus, we gain freedom from the 

ignorance that causes us to commit deeds contrary to Your 



We were in bliss when we heard Your Sages' call.  

Awakening to the outside world,  we looked way down at 

what looked like a very tiny ripple in a tiny pond.  The call 

was coming from there. They were saying, "We are in here!"


When we doubted that it was possible for someone to 

exist in something so small as a tiny ripple in a small pond, 

we tumbled over into the tiny ripple.  It was Maya, the 

worlds of illusion, that we had fallen into.  


In ignorance we identified the Self as body, mind, intelligence 

or ego; that which we thought we could easily identify, along 

with everyone else, as the self. Consequently, we fell deeper 

into the confusion and frustrations, the bewilderments of 



 As result of the misidentification of the true Being, 

we  strove in vain to attain joy and fulfillment through 

the senses, body, mind, intellect, or the ego.  By Your Grace 

and Mercy, we are  transcending that enslavement to Maya 

and its five brigands by always thinking of You.


Our True Identity has no designation.  It is  Eternal Spirit, 

Soul, Consciousness, or one  might call it Energy.

It looks like no thing, yet when we experience it, see it with 

our Inner eye, our Third Eye, we recognize it as You, our too 

long forgotten, Supreme Being.


We know from our observation and experience of You that 

we look like You, not in flesh, but in spirit.  We know from 

within that we look like You. You are our Ever 

present, Supreme Being/Consciousness, the Witness of  all. 


We think of You as our Supreme being, are our Original 

Ancestor, the source of our DNA.  The real solution to our 

problems lies in our remembering and experiencing You as 

our Most Intelligent Source of all creativity and power, past, 

present, and future.


Remembering how to be still and letting You abide, helps us 

to live a simpler and increasingly complete and 

fulfilled  life. You, the Supreme Self, are our eternal spirit 

or consciousness channeling through all Pineal glands. 

Throughout the Cosmic Manifestations, it is You, Pure 

Awareness alone, who, after all, reigns Supreme.


We and others can testify from our knowledge, observation, 

and experience, that this spiritual practice of always thinking 

of You really works.  Undoubtedly, it is freeing us  

from the heavy Karma of anger,  lust, and greed, and 

ware evermore experiencing a returning to our natural 

state oImperturbable Peace.


The shock of falling into Maya and calcification of 

the Pineal gland caused us to lose memory.   Consequently, 

we forgot who we were, and we lost our intelligence and 

memory of our true identity.  This spiritual practice of

 always  thinking You is restoring our long forgotten 

memory and intelligence.  Gradually,  our consciousness is 

returning to Its natural state of Infinite Peace.


You are the Heart, the Center-less Center, and The Infinite 

Consciousness within us.  Please accept our most humble, 

prostrate obeisances from all sides, from above and below, 

inside and out. 


Thank You for accepting our homage and our honest 

attempts at restoring our Divine relationship with You by 

these humble offerings called Our Word.  In this way, we are 

lifting our self by our Self.


However, from where You are looking from,  even "This" can absorb 

into insignificance, into the Triple Shining Blackness, and that can dissolve

 into Nothing.  Nevertheless, You remain eternally the same, changeless, 

Infinitely Pure Awareness.  You are the One and only reality, the Complete 

and Final Witness of all, including Subatomic particles, the Triple Shining

 Blackness, and Nothing, the absence of everything, and the beginning of all.