Everlasting Omnipresent Peace



Offering   15

Thank You Aum.  Thank You bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You bha. Thank You Gayatri.


As the consciousness is purified, the temporary mind within 

it is also purified. To the degree that this happens, we 

very naturally shun evil and do good.  

When we are at this level of purified consciousness we want 

for others what we want for ourselves.


  Furthermore, we continue to purify our consciousness and 

raise ourselves by the quality of thoughts we feed to our 

mind. We do this by properly nourishing the Pineal gland 

and thus cleansing its lens by always remembering You.


Calling out Your name and offering You everything. Helps us 

remember You. This clears our organizations of village  

gossip and keeps us concentrated on the right path to union 

with You.


So, we see, always thinking of You is the basis of self-

improvement.  Cleanliness, austerity, self-control, comes with 

true self-improvement.  Community improvement is based on 

individual or self-improvement.  Universal 

improvement is based on community improvement.  So, 

everything is based ultimately on always thinking of You.


Cleansing the lens of the Pineal gland empowers us to

overcome the illusion of stability in the material world. The

major instrument in cleansing this gland, through which

consciousness channels, is the spiritual practice of always

thinking of You, the Most Pure.  This is how we are taking 

refuge in You from the wiles of Maya.


Other Pineal cleansing agents are clean, mineral rich spring

water, clean, green foods, sunlight, and meditating in silence,

and in the blackness.  Very beneficial also, is sitting the 

body in the light of the sun, specially the early morning Sun.  

However, as far as we are concerned, the best  nutrient for 

the cleansing and developing the Pineal Gland is always 

thinking of You.


We meditate from the head between the ears and behind the 

eyes, the Chidakasa, the sixth Chakra, the area between the 

two halves of  the brain known as the Pineal Gland. 


Occasionally one can expose the area  between the closed 

eyes to the Sun.  Gradually, moving from the forehead, 

one can allow the early morning spring rays to shine directly 

at the baby's soft spot at the crown of the head directly above 

and on the Pineal gland. 


We meditate as who we are, the energy flowing through the 

Pineal gland from its Source, You.  The Supreme 

Consciousness, Supreme Being of all, You, are always 

present. You can never leave us although we can forget You.


Gradually, by this purification process, of always thinking of 

You, lower consciousness rises to its original level of Infinity, 

conscious reunion with You, our Supreme Being.


We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You 

as within and beyond I, AM, AUM, and silence.

unconsciousness, all consciousness, knowledge, ignorance, 

experiencing, witnessing, misery and bliss are suffused and 

surpassed by You. 


We beseech none other than You.  In fact, in the final 

analysis, there is only You.  All else is the illusion, Maya, 

which is also pervaded and transcended by You who are 

above, within and eternally beyond all names and forms.


We are making Spiritual advancement by seeing the self 

as spirit and always thinking of You. In the light of our 

knowledge, observation, and experience, we know that always 

thinking of You is a purifying process. 


We can extrapolate from the above that our humble attempts 

to write in praise and thanksgiving to You will continue to 

improve as we continue to fix our mind on You, the Most 



A lotus flower can be born in muck, mire, mud or water, 

grows in these elements and rises up to stand above them
unsoiled.  We are seemingly born  and raised in  the illusory 

worlds.  However, constant remembering You is raising us 

to ever greater levels of cleanliness and excellence of Karma.


Being blessed with the good Karma to know about always 

remembering You and applying this technique, we are 

overcoming the worlds of illusion.  We think of you as the 

Greatest Power, the Unmoved Mover who permeates and 

transcends all forces:  Negative or positive, pulling, pushing, 

or crushing.


We think of Aum as Your original, primeval, word.  Most 

High,  Higher Power,  Most virtuous, Supreme Being,  Most 

Pure, The Greatest and Most Powerful are some of Your  

names and attributes.   Surely, You surround,  are within, and 

beyond all names, attributes, and dualities.


Increasingly, overcoming the illusory worlds by fixing our mind 

on You,  we are living evermore uncontaminated by Maya, the

 illusory worlds of birth, suffering, death, and rebirth.