Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Improving. Cohesiveness, Transitioners.

Remembering You with Praise and 


Talking with our Divine 



 Offering   18

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


Thank You for Your Gayatri Mantra.  Thank You

 for encouraging us to awaken our power of discrimination by

 always  thinking  of You.  As this  happens we more readily recognize 

and accept that which  helps us consciously reunite with You, and

we more readily identify and avoid that which distracts us from You. 

 Moreover, the greater the awakening of this discrimination, the more 

  we  consciously experience the presence of You,  Eternal Peace, everywhere.


Thank You from teaching us how to be still, very still, and reclaim our heritage 

and culture by fixing our intelligence on You. Thank You for teaching us these

 techniques for quieting and purifying our consciousness by keeping unedifying  

thoughts out of our consciousness.  Slowly, the consciousness begins to enjoy its 

original nature  of  infinite, tranquil, blissful, Eternal Being.


We meditate on You by keeping our intelligence fixed on 

You.  We do this by always calling out Your names, offering 

You everything, and seeing the self as spirit and seeing You as 

Supreme Spirit.


We also meditate on You by remembering those 

who have followed Your righteousness and virtuousness.  

Those  who have endeavored to emulate You have striven to 

live as Your Everlasting, Omnipresent, Peace, and have 

returned to the Same.


We associate with You by coming to the spiritual platform, 

praying to You for You, chanting Your Holy Names, and 

meditating on You.  We meditate on You as Silence, 

thereby fixing our intelligence on You while surrendering all to You 



We meditate on You, the Most Awake One, in the many, 

as the Birthless and Deathless, Supreme Spirit who 

pervades and transcends all.  We meditate on You as the 

Source of the energy which flows through the Pineal Gland.


We are constantly meditating on You as the Omnipresent  

Supreme Witness of Silence, Space and of all levels of 

                             consciousness.  You are deeper than the deepest and more 

                                                         shallow than the shallowest.  


                               We meditate on You as the Most Subtle Supreme Being, 

                                     within and beyond the personal, impersonal, and 

transpersonal.  We meditate on You as This Supreme Being 

who ever lives in and beyond birth, death, rebirth and all 

abilities to conceptualize.


We meditate on You as  the One, beyond all names, forms, 

and levels of consciousness. There are probably as many 

names to call You by and as many ways to think of You, to 

worship You and remember You, as there are waves in the 



We come to You for help.  We ask that You help us to 

remember You through all levels of consciousness whether 

they be waking, sleep, dreaming, or deep dreamless sleep.  

Thank You for all You are doing to help us remember You 

without ceasing.


Calling out Your "Names" (chanting), surrendering all we 

   think, feel, will, say and do to You, and listening to the 

"Sound"  of   Silence, are means of always thinking of You, of 

fixing the consciousness on You, of meditation on You.  These 

are the main spiritual practices put forward by 

everlastingomnipresentpeace.com., Our Word to help us free

ourselves from the ocean of troubles, Maya, and reestablish

ourselves in union with You,  Ultimate Reality.


Always remembering You is an ancient re-spiritualization 

process, the soul restoration practice, You have revealed to us, 

thus far.  We can never thank You, glorify You, Praise You 

enough for this revelation.  Great is Your mercy upon us.


We are drawing closer to You constantly by this  spiritual 

practice of always thanking and praising You.  As a result, we 

are experiencing You who we have heard about and read 

about.  Realizing You, Supreme Spirit is the only business 

of  Our Word.


Meditating on You, as the All Pervading Source of All 

Righteous Power and Glory, dispels our illusion. We 

regain our memory, and the realization that You, our 

Supreme Being, although  beyond all concepts, philosophical 

speculations, mental and physical manipulations, are always



We think of You as the One Supreme Awareness who pervades 

and transcends all awareness.  We purify/expand our contracted, 

almost dried out Pineal Gland, and thus purify and expand our

  consciousness by associating with You.


We meditate on You as the life giving energy, intelligence, and 

creativity flowing through all Pineal Glands, cells, atoms and 

vibrations throughout the body, mind, intellect, and ego.  Gradually

 we  rise to our ever greater potential, in the process we leave our 

universe better than we found it.


  We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on 

You as the Supreme Eye of all eyes and Ultimate Ear of all 

ears. You are the Supreme Intelligence without whom, there 

is no intellect. 


You are the One, Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent 

Supreme Being, without a second or partner.  Lack of 

awareness of You is the root cause of the disturbances 

in our life and life in general.