Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


    Offering  3

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


Constantly thinking of You, we are seeing the ephemeral 

nature of  material things, and the suffering that is the 

ultimate consequence of chasing after, and trying to hold on 

eternally to, that which is impermanent.  


Thank You for advising and inspiring us to always think of 

You.  Engaging the mind in this way provides us with direct 

experiential access to You.  This brings us back into balance 

and sobriety.  Surely, we think of You as the Most Sober, All 

Attractive One, our  Innermost Reality.


We think of You as Supreme Being of Infinite Knowledge, 

Intelligence, and creativity.  Thank You for helping us realize 

that better character is formed when we students 

are developing from an educational foundation based on 

knowledge of You.  


Thank You for leading us kindly with Your Eternal Light.  

We have evidence from observation and experience that this 

is truly the light of consciousness.


As we fix our mind on You, lower consciousness is consciously 

sobered up to You, our eternal, unshakable, foundation. This 

is oneness with Your Perfect Peace.  This Peace penetrates 

and goes beyond all the tribulations and other dualities of life 

in the illusionary worlds, of less or more misery.


Gradually we come  to the the experience that You 

are truly the Supreme, Nameless, Formless, Self-less Self  

bounding, binding, pervading, and beyond all.  


The greater our purification of consciousness through our 

spiritual practice, and our intellectual, mental, and 

physical diet, as articulated through out 

everlastingomnipresent.com, the more substantial our 

remembrance and experience of You as our Supreme Being. 


Our character is the purer as a result of Your 

association.  We are ever freer from negative thoughts about 

people, places, or things. Thank You for teaching us how to 

associate with You in all we do, thus evolving ourselves  to 

ever higher,  unalloyed, levels of  character.


We think of You as the primordial energy, the life force, the 

Prana, the Source of the thought, the thinker, and the thinking. 

We make our consciousness one pointed by fixing it on You. 

All praise to You, Most Merciful and Completely 

Generous One. 


Thank You for giving us the ability to gather knowledge, 

evidence, and experience.  Thank You for allowing us to 

use this as evidence to support our insight and ability to 

continue to grow and expand our consciousness with ever 

greater confidence.


By following Your Righteous Commands, we are empowered 

to treat others as we would like to be treated. Thank You for 

accepting these humble attempts to praise and thank You.  

These meek offerings help us to followYour command that we 

always think of You, our very own Supreme Being. 


We think of You as more subtler than steam, air, gas, and the 

either; incomparable and indescribable. Thank You for Your 

ceaseless mercy upon us. Thank You for teaching us to clean 

our consciousness, and to follow and stay within the 

perimeters of Truth, Righteousness, Love and Peace.


As inner quietness and stillness happens, the negative, 

                                 wicked, thoughts are alienated and the consciousness 


                                Gradually, the awareness returns to to You, our original    

                                 state of Rapturous, Supreme Being. Our greatest longing 

                                              is to be with You, our Supreme Being. 



                                      In our irrationality of self misidentification, we  are 

       mistaking this longing to be with You to be a desire for 

       sense gratification.  That is the cause of our frustration

           and confusion, our chasing after the mirage of sense gratification.


We are always thinking of You as our ultimate spirituality 

and  reality.  This spiritual practice is always raising us up. 

In this way, we are leaving our descendants real assets,

an undiminishable legacy and ever increasing fulfillment

You, the Greatest Treasure


 In the light of  Your leadership we are becoming 

more spiritually awake, intellectually enlightened, mentally 

sharper, physically cleaner, and healthier, on all levels, in all 

ways.  This is some of the edifying heritage we are leaving our 

children.  MayYou be pleased with these  humble  offerings.


Gradually our environment is transforming into a spiritual 

center for the purpose of becoming conscious of our eternal 

connection with You.   We meditate on You as within all, 

enveloping and transcending all, simultaneously.  


You, our Supreme Being, Supreme Soul of all, the Most 

Worthy of Veneration, we, the individual soul, are in reality 

one with You.  We worship You by calling one or more of 

Your numerous names, constantly, or as much as possible, 

according to time, place, and/or circumstances.  We also offer 

all to You and meditate on You as the Last Witness of Silence.