Everlasting Omnipresent Peace



 Offering   4

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.




We can offer You everything, mentally, physically, or orally, 

anywhere, anytime.  Gradually, our consciousness returns to 

its natural calm and liberated state.  This state of being is the 

Absolute.  It is Eternal, Ecstatic Bliss, beyond bondage and 



The more we, the Soul, are at the state of  Eternal, Ecstatic 

Bliss, beyond bondage and liberation, we are returning to our 

origin and have begun to rest in our original state where we 

have always been.  This is True liberation, Freedom from 

Hell, also known as Maya.


We think of You as the One unboundable, sizeless, 

shapeless, limitless, causeless, unrivaled, Supreme Being.  You 

are the One, completely perfect, more subtle than the air, 

ether, or mind, enveloping, suffusing and transcending all, 

including Nothing.  You are our Supreme Being.  You are One.


Through our spiritual practice of always thinking of You, 

our consciousness is purified.  Gradually 

we have experiential evidence to support our 

faith that You, the Real Self,  are the Supreme Witness of all.  

We think of You as the Last and Greatest Witness 

of Infinite, Eternal, Omnipresent Peace.


At the state of Everlasting, Omnipresent, Peace, we are in 

ever greater harmony with all sentient beings by being in ever 

greater union with You.  This is, as far as we can critically 

discern, the most viable alternative to a life of continuous 

birth, death, and rebirth.  


Union with You, the Source of Freedom, Justice, and 

equality, is to us the greatest liberation. Thanks and 

praise be to You for helping us to always think of You; thus 

we regain our greatest asset and power:  Eternal, Loving, 

Liberated, Union with You.


This spiritual practice is logical, practical, rational, and  

depends on no material considerations.  We can benefit from 

parts or all phases of it, whether we are in a Nursing Home, 

hospital bed, wheelchair, bedridden state, deathbed, business 

meeting, or whatever predicament we find ourselves in; we 

can always think of You, and we can be benefited and 



This spiritual practice which consists primarily of always 

thinking of You, is practical worship; It really works, freeing 

lower consciousness from all traces of the anxiety of 

misidentification, Identifying the self as body, mind, intellect, 

and/or ego.  


Self misidentification leads to irrationality of intellect and 

mind.  That state of consciousness entangles and enslaves us 

in Maya, the web of illusion that one becomes enslaved in

trying to attain liberation, satisfaction, and

fulfillment through the insatiable senses. 


In the enslaving and bewildering situation articulated above, 

always thinking of You comes to the rescue.  You are always 

above and stronger than Maya.  It is Your inferior, 

illusory energy. This is why always thinking of You is 

qualified to liberate us from slavery to the senses, while 

elevating us into consciousness of  You.


We think of You as Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient.   

Thinking, feeling, willing, doing for You,  and Meditating on 

You, is submission to You. This associating with You, purifies 

the Pineal Gland  and Consciousness.  


Cleansing or decalcifying the Pineal Gland frees the  consciousness

of the brigands anger, lust, and greed.  Those are the contaminants of

 consciousness.  The goal of our  purification process is liberation from the

 contamination of  material identification and conscious reunion with You.


Anger, lust, and greed  intoxicate and entangle the 

consciousness of those who embrace them. The embrace is 

sweet at the beginning but gradually or suddenly they 

becomes more demanding and vicious.  One is dragged 

deeper into the worlds of illusion, further intoxicated by 

madness, and envy. 

Thank You for teaching us how to purify our conscious of 

anger, lust, and greed.  Thank You for showing us how to use 

whatever we have to be free of illusion and to advance in the 

infinite freedom and bliss of  Your Divine Consciousness.


Praise, thanksgiving, and worshiping You with devotion and 

love are the ways we are repaying our debt to You. Sacrificing 

our happiness to serve our parents, offering the fruits of our 

virtuous  deeds to You and in so doing offering them to all, is 

the way we are repaying our debts to our parents and our 



This spiritual practice roots out enmity from our hearts and 

sows love in its place.  Passing this on  is our way of  repaying 

our debts to our  parents, other teachers and children. 


Our faith is in You, the Source of all, based on our personal 

experience. Through our thoughts and actions we are striving 

to always remember You. This is our method of remaining 

free from the illusion and being united in the infinite 

freedom and enlightenment of our original nature.  


In the process of reuniting with You, our greatest 

Awareness, the Supreme Source of all, we are instruments of 

Your illumination.  In this way, we are automatically 

spreading, liberating vibrations of understanding, joy, 

beauty, and truth throughout our universes.