Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Karma Yoga


 Offering   6

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


We offer to You as the most illumined, our inner

 guiding light.  You pervade and transcend all.

 Your Most Bright light is pure, soft, unhindered

   or ever contaminated by lust, anger, greed, or



We believe a life centered in You is a life in 

association with You.  Through association with

 You, the Supreme Pure, our consciousness, 

awareness, and intelligence are purified and 

aligned with You.


The more we are aligned with You, we live a life

consciously in Your Harmony, Your Peace and 

Your Love. 


Thank You for showing us how to  purify our

consciousness of negative, unedifying thoughts 

by filling our consciousness with thoughts of 



We think of You as the Supreme, All Mighty,

 Source of all personalities.  Thinking of You 

and submitting all to You, is decalcifying our

major  "Door of perception," the Pineal 



As a result, of decalcification of the Pineal 

Gland, it is ever easier of us to discriminate 

  between the unedifying and the edifying, 

   and to choose the edifying for our ultimate 

union with You.


We offer to You and awaken to ever closer 

conscious  union with You.  Because of this, we 

increasingly cannot be checked by the

 impediments of the material world.


Lust is chief among the impediments that are the

 nature of life in the worlds of illusion.  By Your

 grace, we are learning how to offer to You, make

spiritual advancement, and thereby, transcend

 the worlds of illusion. 


We returned to knowledge of Self as Energy or 

Spirit, and You as Supreme Intelligence.  You 

are within and beyond all the energy that 

makes up consciousness, awareness, and



This change from seeing the self as temporary

 material designation to eternal designation less 

    is revolutionary.  However, it is very necessary if 

we were to truly make progress in spiritual



This revolutionary change in the way we see the Self

 marks the beginning of our simple living and high 

thinking lifestyle.  It has proven very helpful in our 

spiritual practice. 


Our spiritual practice revolves around always

 thinking of You.  This consists of of hearing 

about You, speaking about You, remembering 

You, offering all to You, and meditating on You.


Additionally, to help us remember You, we are 

submitting the suffering and joys we experience

 in Maya to You. 


We are striving to remember You with our outgoing

 and incoming breaths, no matter where we are. 

 We begin our meditation practice using this



   As we progress in meditation offering each breath 

to You, we gradually see that the breaths become 

longer, with longer pauses. We offer these pauses

 to You.


We have been thinking of You and seeing the self as 

pure energy or spirit.  We know from experience, 

we are being remade, born again, outside of the

 worlds of illusion.


    Spiritual and material realms can be experience 

   here,  now, in this present moment.  However, 

   because of misidentifying the Self to be material, 

    we are only experiencing the temporary material



 The business now is to get deeper into the spiritual

 realm and farther away from the worlds of illusion.

  We are doing this, primarily, by always offering to