Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


      Offering   7

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


Thank You for teaching us how to do everything as an 

offering to You. This helps us in our efforts to always think of 

You. In this way we mold our lives such as to get ever closer 

to You, consciously. This further develops our discriminating 



Yet, while pervading all, You transcend all. While bigger than 

the biggest, You are smaller than the smallest. Obviously, of 

the great, You are the Greatest.


We think of You as the Supreme Awareness in which the 

cosmic Manifestations have their origin, manifestation, and 

dissolution.  Thank You for helping us to see how to 

remember You more and better, thus refining and purifying 

our consciousness and awareness.


Thank You, Supreme Power, for teaching us how to worship 

You in all we think, feel, will, say and do. The more we 

worship You, and You alone, the more we recover from our 

sin-sick forgetfulness of You. In addition, the more we 

worship You and You alone, ignorance is destroyed, the more 

abundant are our virtues and tranquil courage.


We think of You as the Most Pure,  Supreme Spirit, the 

source of all emancipation, liberation, virtues, and the very 

best of moral values.  By the Supreme Virtue of Your 

association, we are cleansed and liberated into our original 

position of  conscious union with You.


We have faith, based on research, observation, and 

experience, that as we engage in Your transcendental 

Loving Service, we are  increasingly in harmony with Your 

will, and we experience the Omnipresence of  

Your  Everlasting Peace.


We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate  on You 

as this Most Subtle Life Force, this Supreme Witness.  This 

Supreme Being spreads through and is perceived while 

simultaneously going beyond the limit of the eternal, infinite, 



We think of You as this Supreme One, in which the 

cosmic manifestation has its beginning, middle, and end. 

We think of You as this One, without a second, this greatest

Simplicity, this Supreme Consciousness, the Fountainhead

 of all Awareness.  We think of You as This,  Here, the 

Eternal, Omnipresent,  One.


Always thinking of You leads to concentration on You. From 

concentration on You we meditate on You.  Finally, we are 

fortunate enough, blessed enough, to reawaken to our 

original union with You. 


Thank You for Your mercy upon us. You are Supreme 

Divinity of all Spirituality.  Pervading and transcending all 

images, names, and personalities, You are the Supreme 

Witness of waking, sleeping, dreaming, deep sleep and 

transcendental consciousness. 


Thank you for teaching us how to Meditate on You from the 

center of the head looking out through the Pineal gland and 

looking back in to You looking out through consciousness.  

This is the view from the Chidakasha.  This is the view from 

the Thousand Petal Lotus and beyond.  This is the view  from 

You, the Witness of the witness, ad infinitum.


Following the above further, we are transforming our lives, 

and realizing that the body, mind, intelligence, and ego are 

not the self.  These are temporary phenomena pervaded 

and transcended by Selfless, Pure Consciousness.  The sum of 

all consciousness, the Supreme Being at the base of 

all consciousness is You.


It is by meditating on You from the Pineal gland, from behind 

the closed eyes, not in front of the closed eyes.  We think of 

You as the source of the energy flowing through the 

Pineal gland as consciousness.  We think of You as the 

Supreme Witness and Source of the energy or Spirit Force of 

the Universe.


This meditation from  the Chidakasha sobers us and 

raises our consciousness to ever higher levels of excellence. 

 In fact, You are the means to You, the End.  The Supreme, 

and most beneficial goal is You, the Supreme Witness, hearer 

and seer of all.  You are situated within and beyond the end 

of  time


We witness consciousness and listen to the sound of silence 

while we wait in the tranquil bliss of Your loving presence. 

We are able to persevere and reach exceedingly greater 

heights of excellence as we purify our Pineal Gland and 

consciousness through this method of gaining Your 



Thus, while we wait, we think of You so that we are evermore 

fit channels for the manifestation of Your Righteousness, 

Your Truth,  Love, and Peace.

 Aum Tat Sat


Always thinking of You is concentration on You.  This leads 

to meditation on You.  Constantly and patiently meditating 

on You brings us back into conscious union with You.  The 

highest, greatest, and best emancipation and the Greatest 

Love and Peace is You.


As we return to our Origin, our Divine consciousness, our 

sense of  duty and obligation naturally unfolds. We treat 

others better than we expect them to treat us them do unto 

us.  In fact, we strive to see and serve You in each other and 

each other in You. We see that our primary duty is to serve