Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Karma Yoga

Offering   8

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


Thank You for teaching us how to do everything 

as an offering to You. This helps us in our efforts 

to always think of You.  In this way we mold our

 lives such as to get ever closer to You.


Yet, while pervading all, You transcend all.  Bigger

 than the biggest, You are smaller than the smallest. 

 Obviously, of the great, You are the Greatest.


We think of You as Supreme Intelligence, 

the Love  which pervades and transcends

 consciousness,  awareness, and intelligence.


Thank Youfor teaching us how to offer to You 

 all we think, feel, will, say and do.  The more we 

do this, the more we see You are pervading our

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence. 


We think of You as the Omniscient One.  By 

offering all to You, we are associating with You.

This cleanses and liberates us into our original 

position of Divine Intelligence.


We have faith, based on research, observation, and 

experience.  As we engage in Your transcendental 

Loving Service, by offering all to You, we are 

wakening up to Your Omnipresent Omniscience.


We think of You, we concentrate on You, as 

the Source of all.  You are the Omnipresent Eye 

of all eyes and the Ultimate hearer, the ear of all



We offer to You as this Supreme One, the Source

 of thought.  You know what we are going to think 

before we think it and what we are going to say

 before we say it.


We are increasingly aware of Your Omnipresent 

Omniscience.  Therefore, by Your Grace and our 

good Karma, we are purifying our lower Being:  

 consciousness, awareness, and intelligence. 


We offer to You associate with You, and purify 

our lower Being.  As we do this, all think, feel, 

  will, say, and do is in  harmony with Your loving 



Thank You for Your mercy upon us. Your Loving 

Kindness is Omnipresent as Supreme 



We offer to You as Supreme Divinity in all 

Sentient  Beings.  You are pervading and 

transcending all images, names, and 



We offer to You as the Eternal, Supreme Witness

 of waking, sleeping,  dreaming, deep sleep and 

transcendental consciousness. 


Offering to You and remembering You, we are 

transforming our lives.  We are experiencing the

 reality that the Self does not begin nor end with 

the ego, senses, consciousness, awareness, or 



All phenomena is satiated and surpassed by You. 

 By offering all to You, we assimilate Your qualities. 

 Having such, we gain greater control over thoughts 

and the kind of thoughts entertained by 



  We offer to You as the source of the energy flowing

 through the Pineal gland as Divine Intelligence.  

The more we are purified by offering all to You,

the easier this energy permeates our intelligence, 

awareness, and consciousness.


This permeating of consciousness, awareness, and

 intelligence by Divine Intelligence further purifies 

 the three and better align them with You.


 You are situated within and beyond all levels of

 consciousness, awareness, and intelligence.

We are able to have association with You as we

 are purified.  One of the methods by which this is 

done is by offering all to You.