Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Karma Yoga

Practice  1

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


We think of You as the source of our cultural identity.   We 

see the Self as spirit, and concentrate our attention at the 

third eye or Pineal Gland.  If one practices looking out from 

the Sixth Chakra behind the closed eyes, one will see 

oneself looking from the Pineal Gland or Third Eye.  


Now, from the Sixth Chakra and third eye, we see the self as 

spirit or indestructible consciousness.  Being situated here, we 

think, concentrate on, and we meditate on Silence, its 

"Sound," and its Supreme Witness.   You, are this Supreme 

Witness the Greatest Focus Point of our spiritual practice.


We think the light of Heaven and earth emanates from You,

 the Source of  Infinite Wisdom, exposed to which our 

consciousness is completely changed from that of a ignorant 

brute to that of a divinely inspired being.  Gradually, by always 

thinking of You, we rise and return to our original state, 

manifesting Divine Consciousness and Awareness. 


We think of You as Supreme Divinity alone, within and beyond 

all forms and images.  You are the only one worthy of worship, 

within and beyond all forms.  All glories  to You!  You are our One

 Divinity, our One Love, One Aim, our  One Destiny.  Thank  You 

for accepting our thinking, feeling, willing, speaking, and doing,

 saturated with all the unconditional love and devotion we have 

at our command. 


The next and last Chakra is commonly called the 

Seventh Chakra, or the Thousand Petal Lotus.  It is located 

in the region of the soft spot of a baby's head, right above the 

Pineal Gland.  

You are the  Source of the power that comes down through 

the Pineal Gland. Inside and outside, permeating and 

transcending all, You are the Supreme Witness of all 

Chakras, all sights, and all sounds.


By seeing the self as spirit and offering everything to You, we 

remember You and positively revolutionize our way of life.  

We are purified, civilized, and evermore righteous in our 

dealings with others the more our consciousness is purified 

by always thinking of You.


Following the above further, the more we engage ourselves in  

remembering You, the greater is the restoration of our 

historical memory and hence, our spiritual and cultural 



We think of  You as the Divinity of our life, the One Supreme 

Being at the Source of all individuals' identity.  In You is our 

unity, our completeness.


You are our inspiration, we think of You as the power source 

of our respiration.  Constant remembrance of  You is the 

motivating power of  the birth and resurrection of our 

Divinity, our true Eternal Greatness.  


We are spirit, and our cultural identity is rooted  in 

You.  The purpose of our culture is to clean us up and make 

us fit to be consciously in Your presence again.  The primary  

instrument for cultivating our consciousness is the spiritual 

practice of always thinking of You.


By constantly thinking of You while we do all we do, we are

keeping You in front, as we engage on the Battlefield of 

life. With You as our refuge, our guide, and the Source of our 

strength, we are evermore victorious in the waking and 

dream states of Consciousness.


We think of  You as the Supreme Consciousness, the Witness, 

existing before, during, and after everything, including 

the "Big Bang,"  if it ever happened, and nothing. You are 

thonly reality because You never cease existing.


We think of You as the only Good, the only one we can 

truly depend on. Everything else is the game of the 

illusory energy,  Maya.  Having no endurance, it does not 

really exist.  Thank You for inspiring us to practice our 

meditation and to study about You.


Your reign of truth pervades and transcends all the heavens. 

All the heavens are within You.  However, all the heavens 

cannot contain You, the Most Enlightened, the Completely 

Intelligent One.  By Your association we purify and free 

our consciousness from the sin and slavery of ignorance.


The changeless witness of the past, present, and future, You 

are beyond glamorous, and glorious.  Mere words can only 

make a feeble attempt to point out Your Super Excellence. 

Like a child offering the vastness of the universe a leaf or an 

infinitesimal portion of water, we offer You our humble 



 We think of You as the Eternal, Supreme Witness of the 

Silence which  pervades and transcends the trees, the birds, 

the bees, the earthworm, the pollen and the breeze. Thank 

You, thank our Karma, for blessing us with the intelligence to 

engage evermore in Your transcendental loving service while 

seeing You everywhere.


Serving You, our Ever Greater Consciousness, in all we do 

helps us fix the mind on You. Fixing the mind on You purifies 

the awareness/consciousness. To the extent that our 

consciousness is purified, we regain our natural clean heart 

and right spirit.  Gradually, we consciously enter Your Divine 

Presence again.