Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Karma Yoga  

Practice  14

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Ra.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Ra. Thank You Gayatri.


We think of You as beyond none character and 

character.  All life has its origin in You who are Absolute, 

beyond all dualities. By Your grace and mercy we are 

surrendering all that we do, offer, and give away, even our joy 

and suffering, we are surrendering to You. 


Now we are realizing the fact that You are our true, ever 

increasing, potential. You are One. Beyond all dualities of 

time, space, and place, You remain One, Infinite, 

and the same, eternally changeless, amidst all the things that 

change within You.


By rekindling our love for You through this science of 

surrendering to You, we think of You increasingly; 

we associate with You.  We think of you, we concentrate on 

You, as the greatest purifier, the source of the light of the Sun, 

the moon, and the stars. 


By association with You, our awareness is cleansed of 

all misunderstandings, especially the misconception that we 

are the body and that anything or one, other than You, can 

last forever and give lasting satisfaction.


By offering everything to You, we free ourselves from the 

repeated causes and effects of mundane existence. In the 

process we are freed from the bonds of attachment to 

all impermanence. Thank You for strengthening us in this 

endeavor to stay out of Maya and remain in Your loving 



All that we give away we do as an offering to You, not so that 

we can keep it forever.  Thank You for awakening 

our intellect and guiding us in our aspiration to be 

consciously constantly with You.


By surrendering all we think, feel, will, say, or do to You 

we edify as well as purify our awareness. Thank You for 

revealing to us simple and practical methods for cleaning our 

awareness; thus we realize our total freedom from 

entanglement with Your illusory energy,  Maya.


Thank You for forgiving us and revealing to us this ancient

method of purifying our consciousness by always thinking of 

You.  Truly, remembering You is the basic spiritual 

practice offered here at everlastingomnipresentpeace.com.

  Thank You many times over for revealing this spiritual 

practice to us. 


While supporting and sustaining all attributes of reality, You 

pervade and transcend substance and space. Thank You for

helping us remember to offer all our austerities, and all we 

give away, to You.  This spiritual process depends on no 

material considerations, and it is ever elevating.


We think of You, we concentrate of You, we meditate on 

You as the Last Witness of the Greatest Silence, the Supreme 

Intelligence at the foundation of all creation, maintenance, 

and annihilation.


This spiritual practice begins with association with  

You.  The beginning of this association is always thinking  of  

You, the  Most Enlightened One.  Association breeds and 

nourishes assimilation.


Thank You, for granting us the intelligence to offer this

meager service of always thinking of You to You.  Thus

Thus, we experience our transcendence to birth, disease, 

old-age, death, and rebirth.


Gradually, we sober up to our original love for You.  As this 

happens, we are empowered to want the very best for all 

sentient beings, who are but transient reflections of our very 

Best Self.  Thank You for helping us become intellectually 

independent enough to think for ourselves in the light of 

knowledge, observation, and experience.


Thank You, for helping us to serve You in all we do. Through 

this constant submission to You, we detach from the delusions 

of the physical and spiritual worlds, and the impersonal and 

personal concepts of ultimate reality.


We think of You as beyond ignorance and knowledge, more 

subtle than the subtlest and more vast than the vastest.

 Just as no image can be made of the air, either, or space, no 

image can be made of  You.  


It is You, our original Supreme Awareness, who pervade and 

transcend images, either, space, Aum, Your  original primeval 

Word, and all other words, sounds, and symbols. Truly, You 

are permeate and are beyond angles, triangles, circles, 

squares, zero, and No thing.


The more we remember You, the more we unfold our 

original courage and commitment to come back into 

conscious union with You.  Our Divine Quintessence, the 

Highest and Greatest Goal of our life is You.  


The  more we submit to You, in the light of seeing the self as 

spirit and You as supreme Spirit, the Eternal Source of all, 

the more we remember You as the Supreme Changeless 

Witness within and always beyond all changes