Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


    Karma Yoga, 

          Serve 1    

Thank You Aum.   Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gayathri.


Purity of consciousness is the way we get out  of Maya and 

begin to really prosper in Freedom, Security, and Peace.  A 

noble set of aims is not enough.  We cannot aim our way out 

of Maya.  To get out of Maya, we must change our Self 

concept from material to spiritual and purify our 

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence.


Right now, many of us seem to have a self concept based

 on materialism.  We live as though the material body, 

mind,  intellect, and ego are the self.  This kind of 

erroneous thinking leads many of us into the illusion 

of believing we can attain lasting happiness through

 temporary material things.


 The mad chaste for illusory sense enjoyments, caused by 

the mistaken belief that we are material beings, cause 

us to serve the senses and be eventually overwhelmed by 

anger, lust, and greed.  


As a result of being overwhelmed by anger, lust, and

greed, we lose sight of You, our relationship with 

You and ourselves;  consequently, we suffer. 


Serving You in all helps us fix our awareness on You and  

simultaneously it purifies our consciousness of anger, lust,

 and greed.  Those three brigands cause us to act in ways 

that poison our consciousness and cause us to produce bad 

Karma for ourselves.


When our consciousness is dirty, the thoughts we attract 

from the universe are dirty.  When thoughts are dirty, our

 feelings are dirty.  When the feelings are dirty, willing is 

dirty.  When willing is dirty, our doing is dirty.  Our bad 

Karma, is the result of our own dirty doings, no matter

 how subtle.


All that we think, feel, will and do must be done as 

service to You, otherwise, our consciousness is never

 purified and we continue, unknowingly, making bad

 Karma and, as a result, suffer.


We transcend bad and good Karma by serving You

 in all we do.  Gradually, by virtue of Your 

association, our consciousness, awareness, and

intelligence are purified.   


As purification occurs, we experience the clouds of 

frustration,  disappointment, confusion, and despair 

dissolving or moving out of our consciousness.

  Now our Divinity shines through, ever increasingly, 

for our greatest  individual and collective benefit.


We offer You our humble praise and homage. This helps 

us to consciously associate with You. By doing this, our 

consciousness is purified and our historical, spiritual 

and cultural memory are slowly restored.  

As our historical, spiritual memory, and cultural are 

 restored, we better see where we are, where we have 

have come from, how we got to where we are, and

 how we can return to our origin which is with You, 

 here, now, in this present moment.


Praise be to You, Divine Intelligence.  You are The Super 

Soul of all.  We serve of You as Invincible and Infinite, of 

Unlimited Capability, Power, and Creativity, full of 

unlimited Knowledge and Vibratory Bliss. 


 Pondering, the logic of Karma in 

the silence of our being, we are ever more 

enthusiastic about purifying our consciousness

through this spiritual practice of always 

serving of You  who are  Divine  Intelligence,

within and beyond  Pure Consciousness, and



 Our Divine Solution is Devotional Service 

to You, the Eternal Totality of Creation, 

Maintenance, and Destruction, within and

 beyond beyonall.  Thank You for showing 

us how to render this kind of service to You



Devotional Service to You begins with always

 thinking of  You.  We think of You as the Supreme,

 Infinite, Divine Intelligence.  You are the Greatest 

Master  Teacher within and beyond all.  Other 

than You, there is no one  worthy of worship.

We change the way we see the self and purify our 

consciousness by seeing the Self  as spirit or energy and 

focusing our consciousness, awareness, and intelligence

on You.  Gradually, the three become calmer, clearer, 

and ever more united in You. 


Purifying our consciousness, awareness, and

 intelligence by serving You is the means and

 the end, the Master Key to our greatest 

success,  reunion with You.


Thank You for teaching us how to rescue our 

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence from 

the unforgiving System of Maya.  Now we are

 returning to our original condition of Pure 

Consciousness, Awareness, and Intelligence.

 We are doing this by our Karma Yoga, spiritual 

practice of always serving You.