Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Karma Yoga

Serve 10    

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Ra.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Ra. Thank You Gayathri.


Uncontainable One, the One who pervades and transcends 

all, including Om, the eternal, transcendental Sound beyond 

personal and impersonal.  You are the Most Perfect One, 

beyond I Am and other dualities.  It is to You we offer

our humble devotional service.


The greater our association with You through serving 

You, the more we, (Intelligence) are purified and realize 

our natural state beyond Pure Consciousness and

Awareness.  We serve this state as the Source of 

Infinite Love,  Compassion, Forgiveness, Life, Light,

 Truth,  Righteousness, Bliss, and Peace.


Everything we have been through, everything we are going 

through, everything we will go through, we offer to You. We 

escape the dense, dangerous illusions of internal and external 

existence by submitting all to You, thereby gaining greater 

realization of  You.  We begin to accomplish this Supreme 

Intelligence by always thinking of You. 


Serving You in all we do heals and restores the capacity of  the

 One Eye, the First Eye,  commonly known as the Third Eye, 

the Eye of discernment, the Pineal Gland.  As this happens,

 our awareness is purified and restored to 

Its natural, tranquil, bliss overflowing  state.


Serving You in all we think, feel, will, say, and do is a

purifying and healing process, starting with the Pineal 

Gland. It helps us return to our original position of total 

union with You.  This is the goal of Yoga and the goal of 

our life.  


It is in serving You that our consciousness returns

 to its Original Compassion and  Infinite Love for all 

Sentient Beings.  Simultaneously, we come back to our 

centeredness, and responsible state of awareness.


This spiritual essence of this spiritual practice consists of

 always thinking of You.  It is  is a method of worship beyond 

rituals and pilgrimages to Holy Places.  It helps us realize 

right here, You, the All Attractive, Ever Omnipresent,  

Supreme Witness and Changeless Supreme Awareness of

 all awareness. 


Thank You for helping us serve You and experience 

unmoving awareness amidst all the flux of the

 so-called material worlds. Thank You for helping us 

remember the Self, our Pure, Unfettered, Infinite 

Awareness, beyond Pure Consciousness. 


The body is ultimately within You even as You pervade and

transcend all bodies and all states of polluted and pure states

of consciousness. You are the Ultimate, beyond any concept of

high or low, rich or poor, black or white, physical or spiritual,

personal, impersonal or transpersonal.


You are within and beyond all bodily designations, all 

religions, colors, and species of life. Thank You for revealing 

to us this process of surrendering all to You.  Service and 

surrender are synonymous in this context.


As we serve You, we think of You, and our  consciousness

 is increasingly purified of all traces of the contaminating, 

debilitating influence of anger, lust, and greed.  As our 

consciousness is cleansed of those demons, we are 

reestablished in the Eternal Tranquil Bliss of our

 Original Nature.


Verily, after all, we see no one and nothing.  We experience 

Your Oneness everywhere, within and beyond nothing and 

everything.  There is no one, including You, left to see.  There 

is only Beingness and the Supreme Intelligence of  Divine

Intelligence, ad infinitum.


Most Unconditional Love, All service to You and to You 

alone.  Association engenders assimilation. Submission

 of all  to You, at all times, fixes the awareness on You, 

forces it to consciously associate with You and thus be 

extricated from the intricate web of Maya, the suffering

 filled fantasy.


You are the only permanence.  Of what lasting value is

 there in serving that which has no staying power? You 

alone are eternal.  You alone are the only One truly 

worthy of our service.  Thank You for engaging us in 

Your Loving service.  


Meditating on You as the Source of silence by watching

 the rising and falling of the chest during breathing 

meditation, doing mundane work, or while doing other

 Yoga exercises is service to You.  Thank You for helping 

us remember to serve You with Love and Devotion in

 all we do.


Meditating on You by listening to the Sound of Silence, and 

watching the screen of awareness as meditation tools is 

service to You.  They lead to awareness of Your loving 

presence while helping us draw ever nearer to total,

conscious, union with You.


When we meditate on You from here at the seat of 

consciousness and the doorway to infinite awareness,

 the Pineal Gland, this is service to You.

Aum  Tat  Sat


You  are the changeless source of all purity and strength, 

pervading and transcending all. At the core of our being

 as Intelligence, we are all one with You.