Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Karma Yoga

Serve 11 

Thank You Aum.    Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.   Thank You Gayathri.


We have to clean up, purify our consciousness. This is the 

solution.   One of the tools we use for this process is serving 

You.  As we clean up our consciousness, we turn from our

 wicked ways.  Gradually, we are released from the debt of
those cells within cells of illusory suffering called Maya, and 

we rest in the Tranquil Bliss of the Self.   


Cleaning up our consciousness means we are clearing from

 our consciousness anger, lust, and greed.  Those are the 

brigands which pollute our consciousness, and cause us to 



You are the Supreme Source of all purity.  By associating 

with You through service to You, lust, anger, and greed are 

cleansed from our consciousness.  As this happens, we

 awaken to our original spirituality, union with You, a

 life of unlimited comprehension and ecstatic, vibrational 



This union with You is the goal and purpose of our life. The

beginning of this healing process, this shutting out the 

physical world, controlling the awareness, and consciously 

reuniting with You, begins with the spiritual practice of 

always thinking of You and serving You.


This present moment is pervaded  by You, the Greatest 

Intelligence of all.  We, your once disobedient and prodigal 

offspring,  are now coming back to our right intelligence.

Thank You for inspiring us to serve You and experience 

purpose, meaning, and ever increasing intelligence and

 fulfillment in this life.


Our goal is to return to You, here, now, in this moment.  

Always thinking of You is the Master Key to unlocking the 

door of return to You.  Thank You for inspiring us and

 encouraging us to give thanks to You, to be grateful to 

You, and to serve You and You alone.


Our spiritual practice, of which Our Word is a part, 

is our service to You. You pervade and transcend all. 

All are One in You.  Service to You and remembering 

You are keys to attaining the goal of Yoga, union with


Thank You for showing us the importance of spiritual,
mental and physical cleanliness, and how to realize it by surrendering to You and offering our homage to You alone. Thus, our Consciousness, Awareness, and Intelligence are purified.  

In our ever purified states of consciousness, awareness,
and intelligence we increasingly love You within others
and others within You.  Gradually we see, throughout
 the Cosmos, there are no "Others." There is only You
 pervading and transcending inner and outer space and
 all being therein.


Serving You as the Supreme Witness and Intelligence of 

Silence, Space, Awareness and Consciousness, we are 

meditating on the screen of consciousness,

 listening to the sound of silence, drilling into the 

Holy "Soil" of darkness and light, and reaching our

 original nature which is within and beyond a life of 

Bliss filled Intelligence, Consciousness, and



We can experience our Supreme Being pervading 

and transcending all, right here, in this moment. 

 It is available now and can be experienced by Your

 Grace, and as our consciousness, awareness, and

 intelligence are purified of bodily identification and 

the contaminates of anger, lust, and greed.  


Meditation is a method of using Mantras, breathing 

techniques or other methods for keeping thoughts out 

of  our  consciousness and eventually experiencing our 

Supreme Being here, now, in this moment.

One can also keep thoughts out of consciousness by

remaining as Intelligence above awareness.  As if in a

 quiet Movie Theater before the movie begins.  We focus

on the screen of consciousness and the sound of 

silence; using the screen of consciousness as if it were 

the Cinema Screen and the sound of silence as if it 

were the music in the theater before the movie begins. 


So, when thoughts try to enter consciousness, we refocus on

 the screen of consciousness and the sound of silence, as one 

would use a mantra or breathing techniques to keep thoughts

 out and the consciousness quiet.


  Gradually we separate from the worlds of Maya and the 

inner show begins. Wexperience and remember the 

Eternal Self,  as the Bliss permeated, Divine Intelligence

 of all.


In the worlds of Maya, we are at liberty, if we have the

economic, political, or military power, to oppress, exploit

 and more or less enslave other living beings.  However,

 that kind of  behavior  keeps us in the worlds of suffering, 

serving Maya.  As we sow, so we reap.  That is the law of 



According to Karma, we must reap that which we have sown 

in some shape, form, fashion, or circumstance,  in this or 

another life time.  By remembering to serve You, and serving 

You in all we think, feel, will, say and do, our consciousness is

gradually purified.  As a consequence, we gradually free our 

life from the muck and mire of Maya.


By remembering You, and serving You, we are purifying 

and expanding our consciousness and  awareness back 

into conscious union with You.  According our research, 

knowledge, experience  and reflection, this is our 

greatest liberation and salvation.