Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Karma Yoga

Serve 17

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


With our offerings, we stretch forth our hands to You 

alone. You are the One Divinity of the worlds, the 

indestructible, Eternal, Divine Presencewithin and

 beyond names, forms, dualities, and personalities.  


Submission to You is serving You with increasing

 love and devotion. As we become more absorbed in

 You, we transcend ordinary goodness, passion, and 

ignorance.  we are  reestablished in Pure, Unselfish 

Goodness and Righteousness; Infinite 

Enlightenment and Peace.


You are the Supreme Power of the internal and 

external spiritual forces. By surrendering all to You, 

The One in the many, we function beyond desire and 

desirelessness transcending the power of these and 

other unedifying material and spiritual forces.


You, the Source of all awareness, the Highest and

 Greatest Source of all virtues, are realized through

 loving devotional service for You. This unfolds as a

 result of the consciousness purifying process of

 always thinking of You, of surrendering all we

 think, feel, will, say and do, to You. 


We think of You as the Source of the consciousness and 

awareness of all. We are One in You.  Our offerings of 

everything we think, will, feel, say, and do, as well as 

calling out Your name, are our sacrifices to You. 


Submitting, offering, service, surrendering everything

 to You is how we are living in ever increasing harmony 

and peace.  These are some of the experiences one can

 have here within Your Kingdom, the Heaven within 

and beyond our present Consciousness, Awareness

 and intelligence.  It is at hand, here, now.


Everything we have in our consciousness, between our

 ears, behind our eyes, and within our hands, we bring 

as an offering to You.  This spiritual practice cleanses, 

opens  and expands our consciousness, awareness and 

intelligence, to the unlimited loving presence of You.


Thank You for allowing us the intelligence to offer 

everything to You, and thus have increasing 

purification of our consciousness, awareness, and 



Submission of all to You helps us in our efforts to 

always think  of You.  Always thinking of You 

untwists our mentality and makes us sane again.  


As we surrender our activities and the results 

of all our activities to You, we realize, there is no

 other.  There is only You, the Eternal Presence,

 pervading and transcending everything.  


As the purification of the consciousness 

awareness, and intelligence occurs, we increasingly

 experience the eternal Self looking out through this 

One Eye, this Third Eye, this Pineal Gland, the

 eye of discernment.  


You are the Source of the breath of life.  It is to You 

that we must return, here, now, in this present 

moment.  Always thinking of You is the  beginning 

and end of this purification process.


Moreover, we see that this eternal Self looking out 

through the Pineal Gland has its source in You, the 

Source and Seer of all energy, intelligence, and



We think of all the vast, various and variegated, 

 temporary names and forms as having their origin, 

evolution and dissolution in the Changeless Existence 

of  You.  


Serving You is practicing this Indigenous Spirituality.

 Our consciousness and awareness are gradually

cleansed of all impurities; simultaneously we awaken to 

our original, constitutional position, union with You.  

This is a way we re-member our dis-membered

consciousness and awareness.


Verily, it is You alone who pervade and transcend 

form, formlessness, and all dualities. Thank You

 for giving us the sacred privilege of serving You

 and experiencing a modicum of  Your Glory.


Always thinking of You is the the life of 

purification and Peace, the fulfilled and joyous life. 

 It is the way back to You, the indivisible, 

undifferentiated, Supreme Absolute. 


Gradually, as we serve You, the illusion of separation 

dissolves and we have returned to where we always 

existed, in complete, conscious, union with You.

Thank You for giving us an opportunity to engage

 in Your  transcendental loving service.