Everlasting Omnipresent Peace



Remembering You with Praise 



Talking with our Divine 


Karma Yoga

Serve  18

Thank You Aum.   Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Gayathri.


Please forgive some of our sources for referring

 to You  in the masculine gender.  We know from

 observation, research, study, and experience that

 we are not the temporary body, mind, intellect,

 nor  ego.  We are spiritual beings, in quality one 

with You, our Supreme Being who pervades and 

transcends the Galaxies. 


We are Eternal, Infinite Pure Energy, Spirit, or Force,

 in quality One with You, who engulfs and goes beyond 

all designations. Thank You for teaching us the blessings 

of forgiving others as well as ourselves.  Thank You for 

helping us overcome the ignorance of Self-

 misidentification, thinking we are some sort of 

material identification, by serving You.


Although pervading and transcending all races, 

nationalities, genders, dualities, and other designations, 

You are confined to none.  Thank You for showing us the 

blessings of seeing ourselves as Pure Energy, Spirit, or 

Force, Eternal Awareness, by serving You.  


Thank You for revealing to us methods of surrendering 

everything to You. This is a means of Purifying the Pineal 

Gland, developing our inner joy, contentment, and 

manifesting the Infinite Love that is our original nature. 

These are some of the by products of  surrendering to



We serve You as our Boundless One, our strength and our 

salvation.  Thus, we are awakening to our deep, steadfast 

faith in You, based on our knowledge, observation, and 




Thank You for showing us how to always serve You and

remember You. Thank You for encouraging us to think 

carefully, and critically about everything.  This includes 

our self and You.


 As we exercise our sacred privilege of thinking of You, 

by constantly surrendering all to You, we purify our 

Pineal Gland.  Using this spiritual practice, we purify

 our lower levels of consciousness and awareness and

 live again,  totally, as Omnipotent, Eternal, 

Omnipresent, Omniscient, Divine Intelligence. 


Based on prior experience, knowledge, and observation, 

we know that as the Pineal Gland is purified by the 

spiritual practice of always thinking of You and 

serving You, we  comprehend Your Supreme, Tranquil,  

Majesty ever more, in this moment.


Remembering You, and serving You, gives meaning to 

our life beyond any "Letters",  and and a grand 

purpose  for our living.  Thank You for encouraging us 

to always serve You in all we think, feel, will, say, and



 It is our application of Your sacred advice, to always 

think of You, that is cleaning us, lifting us, reforming

 us, and reestablishing us in our original position of 

union with You.  


Now, by the guidance and mercy of constantly serving

 You,  we are awakening to our ever  increasing tranquil 

bliss of our original Divine  Intelligence.  You are this 

Divine Intelligence within which consciousness, 

awareness, and the Galaxies are born, grow, and 



Serving You, the One Unlimited Consciousness that 

pervades and transcends the universe, is also 

surrendering to You.  In this manner, we purify our

 Pineal Gland.  Gradually, our pure love for You, the

 Source of our being, shines through our consciousness

 and awareness for the benefit of all. 


We serve You as the Source of the creativity, energy, 

and intelligence, emanating from You, through the

 Seventh Chakra, down through the Pineal  Gland, 

throughout the consciousness, awareness, and



 Thank You for teaching us how to serve You with ever-

stronger faith, based on knowledge, observation, 

experience and reflection.  Thank You for guiding us

 unto the knowledge of how to purify and build 

ourselves from the inside out:  Spiritually, 

intellectually, mentally, and physically, by serving



We serve You as the  one who pervades and transcends

 all languages, yet has no name.  No form, no language, 

nor personality, race,  gender nor species can fully

contain, personify nor identify You.  


As of now, we can express very little of what we know

of You in words, pictures, or signs.  Yet we can,

 through the spiritual purification practice articulated

 here at everlastingomnipresentpeace.com, experience

some of Your energy and presence. 


 We can know, and communicate with other than

 human beings the closer we get to You.  As we

 experience You in others and others within You we 

can know, without external language and without 

doubt, that You, as well as others, are our  own. 

 We serve You as the Source of this energy that is

 also the  Source of the power of the  Sun.


Offering all to You helps us experience our original 

spiritual position which transcends thoughts,

 consciousness, and awareness.  Gradually, as we

 continue serving You in everything, we awaken 

to our original, Bliss-filed Tranquility of being, 

Divine Intelligence.