Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Karma  Yoga

Serve  4

Thank You Aum.   Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.   Thank You Gayathri.


Serving You in the way of constant remembrance helps

 us awaken ever closer to You, the Source of our being.  

Thank You for inspiring us to increasingly appreciate 

and practically apply these methods of associating with 

You.  We are doing this by increasingly serving You,

 and remembering You all the time.


By serving You, our Supreme Pure, by virtue of Your 

association our consciousness is purified.  In this way 

we are awakened and reestablished, consciously, where 

we always have been, here, in this moment with You.

Keeping our intelligence, awareness, and consciousness 

fixed on You by serving You, is the medicine, the spiritual 

technology, that is fixing us up.  It is healing us, 

spiritually, intellectually, mentally, and 



We serve You as the primary inspiration, motivator, and 

intelligence for all we think, feel, will, say, and do.  You

 are the ultimate purpose and Goal of our life.


Always serving You restores our historical memory, 

thereby opening our so -called past, encouraging our 

present and helping us to move into the so-called 

future with ever  greater confidence.


We serve You, according to the light of our research, 

observation, and experience.  This comes in various

 degrees depending on the Purity of our consciousness, 

awareness, and intelligence. 


Our association with You through our service to You

helps us regain the likeness of You.  Gradually, we

 return to the cool, calm, and quiet bliss of the self.


All of our life improves as we associate with You

 through our service to You. We serve You as the 

Source which pervades and transcends light, 

darkness, nature, nature's God, and Divine Law,



Remembering to serve You in all we think, feel, will, 

say, and do, helps us fix our consciousness, awareness, 

and intelligence on You.  This spiritual practice

 gradually brings us, as intelligence,  back into complete, 

conscious union with You, our Divine Being of

Infinite Intelligence.


So, we can see how important it is that our consciousness, 

awareness, and intellect are purified of all anger, lust, and 

greed.  All of these impurities have their origin in 

identifying either the body, mind, intellect, and/or ego as the 

self and seeking lasting satisfaction in insatiable material 



We know from research, observation, and experience 

that there are higher and better states of being.  You

 are the Most Pure Source of all states of being. We

 can, through this spiritual technology of fixing our 

intelligence on You, be consciously reunited with You 



This spiritual technology of fixing our intelligence on

 You, is really working to improve our quality of life.

  This is another reason why we are evermore 

enthusiastic in our endeavors to serve You in all

 we think,  feel, will, feel, say, and do. 


We can love others as we love ourselves.  We love our 

selves as we awaken to our Everlasting Love at the 

foundation of our being.   We are purified and 

awaken to this experience  through our devotional

 service to You. 


Experience of the reality of You, the Source of Truth, 

Righteousness, Love, and Peace at the Source of our 

being are the some of the fruits we harvest by our

devotional Service to You.  


We serve You by calling out Your name and offering You

 everything.  All that we think, feel, will, say or do, we do 

as an offering to You. This spiritual practice purifies

 our consciousness of evil thoughts, clears our awareness

 of misconceptions, and it purifies our intelligence into

Divine Intelligence from which It has come.


By serving all to You, we think of You and gradually, 

with the assistance of our other spiritual practices, 

which also revolve around always serving and 

thinking of You, we attain the goal of Yoga. 

This is conscious union with You, our Eternal, 

Divine Intelligence.


Our spiritual practices are centered in You and revolve 

around You.  They consist of prayer, study, sacrifice, 

service,  right association and meditation.  

As this process evolves, we experience You as the 

 Source of  our mutual attractiveness and beauty at

 the foundation our being.


As we engage in our spiritual practice, we come back to the

 Self, freely sharing these revelations with those who are 

constantly devoted and striving to worship You with ever 

greater love.