Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Karma Yoga

Serve  5

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You  Aum.  Thank You Gayathri.


There is nothing with which to compare You, the

 Absolute, whether that comparison has form or 

whether it is formless. This true Self, within and

 beyond form and formless, within and beyond 

impersonal, personal, and transpersonal, is our 

own Supreme Being, Divine Intelligence.


The beginning, middle, and end of  the cosmic 

manifestation, silence, and all space, rest in You. 

Thank You for bringing more light to our 

traditional  beliefs by inspiring us to serve you

 and do  the best for ourselves. 


The beginning of doing the best for self  is to search

 deeper and more critically for the truth of who we 

really are, to serve You, and to always think of You.


Thank You for encouraging us to see the self as 

consciousness, energy, awareness, or spirit.  Thank 

 You for teaching us how to think carefully and 

critically, with an open and flexible consciousness

 Most of all, Thank You for teaching us how to serve 

You and to always think of You.


To help us to serve You at all times, we develop the 

habit of  calling out, silently or orally, one, or more, 

of Your numberless names, while we go about our 

worldly duties.


Chanting Your names is another way we always serve

You, associate with You, cleanse our consciousness,

 purify our awareness, awaken and sharpen our 

intelligence Thus, we purify our  internal and

 external environment while we come back to

 knowledge,  consciousness, experience and 

awareness of Your Omnipresent, Divine 



We serve You as the Divine, Spiritual Omnipresence

 who pervades and transcends all. Thank You for 

teaching us how to purify our intelligence,  awareness

and our consciousness.  Gradually, we love You,  love

 ourselves and all sentient beings again.  We are able to

do this because we awaken to union with You, the 

Infinite, causeless, Love at the foundation of all being.


This spiritual service frees our consciousness of

 distractions and all other unhealthy thoughts, 

impediments to our advancement.  Most

 importantly, it restores our Spiritual, Historical, 

and Cultural Heritage while awakening us here 

to You.


Thank You for helping us re-aquire our long forgottened 

spiritual awareness, clean consciousness and rational mind.  

This state  of consciousness helps us serve You and rise 

out of the spiritual, intellectual, mental, and physical

poverty and suffering of Maya.


Pervading and transcending all nationalities, tribes, colors, 

religions, creeds and species of life, You, as well as we, 

have no designations.  We, the true Self, are spirit, in quality 

one with You, the Supreme Spirit of all, the ultimate goal of 

our life. 


Thank You for helping us recognize, respect and practice 

serving You, the best of our History and Culture.  Thank 

You for showing us through our History and Culture why 

and how we should cast our buckets where we are.  No

 matter  where we think we are, You are always here. 


Submitting all to You is the path of refining 

lower consciousness into Divine Consciousness. Thus 

realizing Your Divine Harmony, in all we think, feel, will, say, 

and do, we proceed straight on the pathless path of eternal 

liberation in You. 


Submission, Offering, Serving, Surrendering all we think, 

feel, will, say and do, to You, is reawakening us to Your 

Eternal, Spiritual Truth which lies beyond the personal 

and impersonal, and all dual concepts of life. 


We are surrendering all to You with no regard for pain,  

gain, profit, loss, joy or fame. You, the Supreme Source 

of all intelligence within and beyond our intelligence, are 

experienced to the degree our consciousness is purified. 

Surrendering all to You, remembering You, is one of our

 purifying processes. 


You are within and beyond all castes, religions, 

creeds, tribes and species of  life, and all are within You. As 

we surrender all to You, we are  working for the welfare of 

all sentient beings throughout our Universes, and we are 

experiencing Your colorless Omnipresence simultaneously.  


Our study is our service.  It  is centered in You.  We 

study the scriptures,  other  spiritual teachers and

 teachings, ancient and modern.  We  practice these

teachings, think critically about these teachings, and

 reflect on that which we have studied and practiced.  


After all, we can know that we know what we know,  

because  now we have knowledge, observation and

 experience as a consequence of our spiritual practice.

You are within all and all are within You.  Our

 objective is to remember You by seeingand serving

 Your Omnipresence in all.


Our service to You consist in chanting Your Holy 

Names, and  considering whether what we are doing 

leads us closer to You.  We strive to always make

 that choice which in the final analysis, leads us

 closer to conscious union with You.