Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Karma Yoga

Serve  6

Thank You Aum.   Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.   Thank You Gayatri.


By degrees, we serve You and return to Pure Stillness,

 our original state of  Uncontaminated, Divine

 Intelligence.  This  is the indivisible undifferentiated, 

 Supreme Absolute, beyond all states of consciousness 

and awareness.  Here, we experience and unite with 

the Bliss and Infinite, Tranquility of You.


We have found the Vast infinity of  the Great Silence to be 

a very beautiful focal point.  We can testify from knowledge, 

observation and experience that it helps us grow ever

closer to You.  Truly, You are within and beyond all 



Moreover, fixing our intelligence on You purifies It. 

 Thus, with purified intelligence we better submit to 

Your Expert Guidance,  on, through and beyond the 

battlefield of Maya.


Even though on the battlefield of Maya, we experience

 and unite with the bliss and infinite tranquility of  You.  

Within and beyond all things and no thing/nothing, You

are the Divine Unity in all diversity, our Supreme Being. 


With Your exceedingly merciful grace, we are becoming 

more and more consciously detached from the illusory

 world.  We are doing this through our spiritual practice 

of serving You in all we do.


Thank You for helping us to see that the real enemy is

 ignorance of Self.  Thank You for leading us on the Right

 Path to conscious union with You through constant 

service to You.


There is nowhere we can turn where You are not already 

there, and have been there, and here, eternally.  Verily, 

You, the birthless and deathless One, the One beyond any 

definition, are always everywhere. 


Transcending and within duality and non-duality, You are 

the All Knowing, Ultimate reality.  There is not and cannot

 be a symbol for You, the Infinite, Most Subtle One. 


 There is AUM.  However, no symbol nor sound, other than 

itself, can duplicate Its matchless transcendental beauty. 

 Truly, according to our experience, AUM is within yet 

beyond space and time.  Aum cannot be perfectly

 duplicated, symbolically or through sound,  as far as 

we have known and experienced. 


When one experiences AUM, one knows without doubt

 that it is You.  Yet, You, the One source of all mystic 

opulences, are simultaneously the Witness ad infinitum 

of the Witness of AUM and Awareness of Awareness, and 

Intelligence ad infinitum.


By degrees, we return to Pure Stillness, our original state of  

Uncontaminated, Witness Intelligence, within and beyond 

consciousness and awareness.  This  is the 

indivisible undifferentiated, Divine Supreme Absolute, 

Divine Intelligence. 


 Allah, Bha, God, Gye N yame, Ya, Father, and  Mother 

are some of  Your many names.  Some even call You 

Mammy.  Who can dare say which of Your numerous

 names is the greatest or most beautiful.  


Everlasting Omnipresent Peace is our original state of  

Divine Stillness of Being, beyond being and nonbeing 

and any other duality.  This Peace can only be 

experienced.  It permeates and is simultaneously 

 beyond body, senses, mind, intellect, and ego.



Here before, during, and after the creation, maintenance, 

and annihilation of the Cosmic manifestations, You are this 

Peace, which is beyond understanding.  You exist eternally 

and You are Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient.  


Right association, to us, is associating with people, places,

 events, and things that help us remember You and

 progress toward conscious union with You.


True,  You are ever with us.  However because of the over 

whelming attraction of the material world and its power

 over our senses and consciousness, we forget You, fall

 deeper into the material world of Maya, and continue 

 to suffer ever more.


The material world is very powerful and can overwhelm 

our senses because You are the power at the source of all, 

including Maya, the material world.  Our solution to 

overcoming the power of Maya is to reunite consciously 

with You constantly.


  Serving You all the  time, in all we do, is the way we

are remembering You constantly.  In this way, taking

 shelter  under Your power, we are spiritually strong 

 enough to resist the temptations and attractions of the 

material world.  Thus, we overcome  Maya and return

 consciously to union with You.