Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Karma Yoga

Serve 9

Thank You Aum.    Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.   Thank You Gayatri.


We must regain our Self knowledge and how to come

 back to You, if we are to truly live.  We hunger to 

develop into our greatest  potential, in security,

 freedom, prosperity, and peace.  Always thinking

 of You and serving You is our means back to You. 

 You are the beginning, middle, and end of our

spiritual evolutionary process.


When we are in harmony with Your will, the way of 

Peace, we can see Your everlasting beauty all around 

us. We can see You in everything, everywhere. This

 uplifts and inspires us in all realms of reawakening

 and rebuilding in our  consciousness and awareness 

movement back to You.


Thank You for helping us recognize You through 

Service to You.  Thank You for helping us

 associate  with You through service to You.

  Thank You for helping us gain purification of 

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence

 through service to You.


  Your Divine Intelligence is the Most Pure.  It pervades

and transcends consciousness, awareness, and all 

levels of  intelligence.  It is the Most Subtle One, the

 Greatest  Knowing that pervades and transcends the

 most subtle frequencies of Silence and the Infinite

 Stillness of Being.


To the degree our consciousness is purified, the more we 

can deal righteously with our brothers and sisters

 throughout the universe, whatever their shape, creed, 

color, level of consciousness or degree of awareness. 

Our hell or heaven is our own doing because of the 

pollution or purity of our consciousness.  We 

purify our consciousness and awareness by 

consciously serving You.


You are the Most Metaphysical, more subtle than the 

silence.  We too are metaphysical.  Our big oversight is 

identifying the self as physical.  Heaven and hell are at

 hand.  When in our ignorance we identify as being

 physical with various designations, we are more or 

less in hell.  


Our identity crisis is caused by our ignorant belief that the 

self is a body, mind, intellect, or ego.  The more we serve You,

and only You in all we think, feel, will, say and do, we awaken 

from that mistaken ego identity.  We associate with You, 

are purified, and delivered from our identity crisis in the 

Hells of Maya.  


The Self is the constant, unchanging witness of bodies, minds, 

intelligence, as well as Witness of other illusory changes.  

This Self is the Source of Ego, the intelligence of the "I" 

thought.  Digging into the source  of  the "I" thought and 

intelligence begins with always thinking of You and 

serving You, the Supreme Self, Divine Intelligence, in 

all we do.


The more we serve or surrender all to You, the more we as

 intelligence are purified, and the greater our ability to resist 

the pull of desire for sense gratification. This helps us 

 become ever stronger and united in intelligence with You.


All of these bodies, minds, lower intelligences, and egos 

change.  You, Divine Intelligence, never changes. Truly, 

You are the Supreme, Unified Identity, within and 

beyond all of the diverse personal, impersonal,

and transpersonal, personalities, atoms and 



You are the Witness of these changes, yet You are not 

subject to them because You are immanent and

eternally transcendent. You never change. This can

 be experienced  as our consciousness, awareness,

 and intelligence are purified by this spiritual

 practice of always serving  You in all we think, feel,

 will, say, and do.  


We serve of You as the Source of Justice.  There is Justice in 

the universe.  By the Law of Karma, Your day of  Judgement

is always upon us.  We repent for all the nonsense we did, 

and are doing, under the influence of Maya.  


The more we are purified by always serving You, the 

more  we transcend Karma and reawaken to You. 

Otherwise,  we have to remain in Maya, receiving

the results of our good or bad Karma.


You are the only permanence.  Of what value is serving that

 which has no endurance? You alone are the only One truly 

worthy of our aspirations, our service, or our thinking. 

Thank You for engaging us in Your service by accepting

 our humble offerings of praise and thanksgiving.


We serve You as Pure Intelligence, more subtle than the 

consciousness, awareness, or the subtlest vibration,

 frequency, or energy. Thank You for helping us 

purify our consciousness and awareness by always

 thinking of You and serving You with love and 



We serve You as Omnipresent Intelligence, pervading and 

transcending Consciousness, Silence,  Stillness, Space, 


 Awareness and the intelligence of all.  Thank You for 

helping us recognize Your omnipresence during the

 course of ordinary affairs.


We serve You as the Pure Intelligence, the Source of 

 Knower, knowledge, and known, the Witness of all, 

consciousness, unconsciousness, memory and fading 



Serving You is purifying our consciousness, awareness,

 and intelligence.  In the  process of serving You as the Most 

Silent, Supreme consciousness, Awareness of all life, we

experience that You are our Ultimate in Intelligence, 

 the Most Pure of all.