Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                          Our Word  1

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.

Hari Aum Tat Sat.  Namo Namaha

 We think of You as the One Infinite, Supreme Energy, 

the Source of the energy and intelligence from which all is 

created, maintained, and destroyed.  Thank You for teaching 

us how to change ourselves for the better by always thinking 

of  You. 


We think of You as Omnipresent One. We  concentrate on 

You as Omniscient One.  We meditate on You as the One, 

ever existing Now, the Supreme Witness of everything; this

 includes Sound, Silence, Space, all sorts of images and 

forms, Nothing, and Now.

We  believe,  in the light of our reason, common sense, and 

experience, that Your voice comes through the language of all 

Sentient Beings.  Thank You for accepting our humble

 attempts to praise You in this language.  

We  are thanking You and praising You with the most 

beautiful thoughts, words, works, and songs we have at our 

command in this language.  Thank You for accepting our 

humble offerings.

We think of You as within and beyond heaven, hell, all 

races, creeds, colors, nationalities, and religions.  We think of 

You as  within and beyond all universal origins, ages, 

and genders. We think of  You as within and beyond, slaves, 

masters, abilities, disabilities, courage, fear and species of life.

Our Word is a program, a blue print, a direction forward, an 

awakening from spiritual amnesia.  Moreover, it is a 

procedure by which we rise from the frustrations and other 

sufferings of illusion.  Those miseries are caused by ignorance 

of self, our mind not under our control, and lust... the real 

enemies of the worlds.

 It is just gross ignorance to get hung up in material 

designations of the Self.  Race, creed, color, gender, 

nationality, ethnicity, and any other material designation of 

the self is all ignorance, temporary, illusion, spiritual 


 We think  of You as within and beyond all illusion, 

Maya.  You, the Self, upon whom we concentrate is within 

and beyond any physical, mental, intellectual, or spiritual 

designations or differences; in this light, all Sentient Beings 

are siblings, and ultimately all, are the same in You.

Our Word  teaches us how to meditate on You while we  go 

about our mundane duties.  With patience and determined 

practice, we can always recognize and meditate on You as the 

Silence that is always here.  It is within and beyond the mind.  

Further, we can meditate on the awareness that is aware of 

Silence and awareness Itself.

Acknowledging the vast infinity of Omnipresent Silence can 

be brief or for an extended period.  This is the meditation 

practice for those who can see the self as awareness looking 

out through the body from the Third Eye.

This spiritual practice of abiding as Silence and Its Witness

helps us realign our lives in spiritual order, acknowledging 

You as the Source of the Greatest Morality the Supreme 

Centerless Center, Omnipresence, Preeminent Silence and Its 

Final Witness.

The whole spiritual practice articulated in Our Word revolves  

around seeing You, the Self as the designationless  

Centerpoint,  Supreme Spirit or Pure Energy, and engaging 

the mind in always thinking of  You.

As we remember You in all we think, feel, will, say, and do, 

the Pineal Gland and consciousness are purified. Then Self is 

experienced as  beyond Awareness, and You are 

increasingly experienced as the Supreme Being, beyond 

the external seeing and awareness of all. 

Thus, as we as consciousness/Energy are purified we 

transcend all superficial differences and realize You.  We 

think of You as beyond the Spiritual Quintessence and 

the Ultimate Goal of all Religions, Spiritual traditions, and 


If we are to be truly united and free, we must overcome

ignorance of Self and be free of designations. The Spiritual

Science spoken of throughout Our Word is not about

phantasmagoria, creeds, colors, nationalities, or religions.  It 

is about unity, about seeing the self as consciousness, free 

from all designations.

Our Word is a cultural presentation, an ancient practice for 

the purification, and re-spiritualization of the individual into 

the spiritual and Godly life. It is a way of reconnecting with 

You, our Eternal  Divinity within all.  You are within  all, all 

is within You. 

 Although You are within all,  simultaneously You are 

beyond all.  Your power, glory, and mystic opulence  know no 

limits.  Our Word is an humble attempt to glorify You, 

knowing that the attempt, though feeble,  is self purifying.

Glorifying You helps us meditate on You.  This spiritual 

practice cleanses anger, lust, and greed from our 

consciousness.  The more this happens, the greater 

the light of our original Divinity shines forth from You, the 

Most Righteous Source of the light of  Consciousness.

Anger, lust, and greed, the illusory barriers between us, are 

eradicated in the light of the consciousness basking in the 

radiance of the decalcified Pineal Gland. 

At this point, there is Self  appreciation, true freedom, unity, 

and conscious, blissful, union with You, the One Source of  

Tranquil Bliss and Infinite Freedom.  

We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You as the Supreme Witness of all, including all energy, intelligence and nothing.  The source of our discomforts in life is ignorance of our true  identity. 

 This lack of knowledge of our true identity consists of  identifying the eternal spiritual Self, Energy, to be the temporary material body, mind, intellect, or ego.   

Entranced by the illusory presence, the living entity  stumbles 

around in ignorance and confusion thinking external sense 

gratification is the be all and end all,  life's only real offering.  

Thank You for teaching us how to break free from the 

illusory presence, Maya, and look within our own 

consciousness for lasting joy and fulfillment

As the Pineal Gland is purified and the consciousness 

is cleansed, by constant remembrance of  You, one 

experiences the Self, Your Eternal, Bliss permeated 

Kingdom, free from ego, intellect, mind, body, and all 

other designations and dualities.  As this happens, one sees 

and experiences this Self as ones natural condition, ones 

original being.

We think of You as the way of the spiritual and Godly 

life. The Moral Force within all, You are the All Mighty, The 

desireless One.  You are the Most Perfect.  Supreme of the 

Pure, You are Origination of all Knowledge, Strength, Fame, 

Beauty, Wealth and Renunciation. 

As the Pineal gland is purified, there is raising and 

strengthening of moral and ethical values; above all, there is 

the experience of You, the Most Opulent One, as the Eternal 

Source, the Innermost and Outer Most Reality of all energy.  

Thank You for teaching us how to lead ourselves in the best 

possible way, to the best possible goal, You, the Supreme, 

Most Righteous Leader within all.

We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on  You 

as the Supreme Unity.  You are pervading, transcending, and 

witnessing the comings and goings of the seemingly vast 

and variegated energy generally known as the 

Cosmic Manifestations. 

 Thank You for teaching us how  to 

master the joy of living.  We are doing this by purifying our 

consciousness through constant remembrance of You.  

Thinking of You, concentrating on You, and meditating on 

You, are the tools we are employing to bring us back into 

memory of You and unity with You.

When Your bliss permeated Kingdom is experienced,  we 

experience the Self  to be Spirit or Pure Energy, in and

beyond all locations, names, and designations.

Our True Spirituality is about helping us to live 

as designation free Energy, Infinite Consciousness, or Pure 

Awareness.  Its business is to support us by cleansing 

and reawakening us to our forgotten relationship with You.

Purification of the Pineal Gland cleanses the consciousness.  

As this happens, we experience the Self.  Thereafter, our 

life transcends the illusory world and has more meaning and 

purpose.  This purification process begins by always thinking 

of  You.

 Life in the illusory worlds has no meaning.  It is just Maya, 

illusion. The purpose of Maya is to give us more or less hell 

until we realize we must utilize all of our endeavors is to get 

 out of Maya and back to You. 

We think of You as the  Enduring Witness of all, including the Eternal Silence. Our Word is about

 helping us overcome the illusion of being separated from You. 

We are regaining this reality of the Eternal Omnipresence of You by listening 
to Silence, and witnessing the Silence Itself. This is one of the meditation techniques within our spiritual practice.

Our Word is all about helping us think about You. Through 

practice of the teachings contained in Our Word, we are 

purified of the disease of  ignorance. 

 That sickness of ignorance makes us ever more susceptible 

to the suffering caused by our association with the dreadful 

poisons of lust, anger, and greed.  Thinking of You is the 

antidote.  Thank You for reminding us to always think of You.

As we engage in this spiritual practice, we increasingly 

experience the immortality, freedom, and fulfillment of 

 Your Everlasting Omnipresent Peace.  This Eternal Peace is 

our original, constitutional position, the spiritual and 

Divine life. 

The purpose of  everlastingomnipresentpeace.com is reunion

with You, this Supreme Love, this Divinity from whom we 

can never really be separated.  Our song of Praise and 

Thanksgiving is to You alone.  Truly, You are the only One 

worthy of  Thanksgiving and Glorification.

In the material worlds of illusion, we are trying to satisfy 

the insatiable desires for sense gratification. After all, 

nothing changes, and over and over again, all we have is a 

life of ever increasing confusion and frustration, trying to 

satisfy insatiable desires.

Our Word shows us how to transcend desires and attain 

satisfaction and fulfillment by cultivating our original love 

and devotion for You.  The core of  this process of 

purification for cultivation is to always think of You.  Our 

means to the End and End is You.

The spiritual practice presented as Our Word is a way to 

efface the ego and reclaim our culture.  It is a self 
purification practice that teaches us by involving us in methods of  regaining our own Self.  In this way it 
leads us into awakening out of the confusions and frustrations of the illusory worlds.  This is the easy way back to here, now, our Divine Home. 

Our eternal nature of  Divine, Spiritual Existence is You.  Our

sacrifice, the means of our cultivation and salvation, is to 

always think of You. The end of our cultivation and culture is 

conscious union with You.  Surely, You are the Ultimate Goal, 

the Divine, Spiritual Existence  of all.

The basic ignorance of identifying the self as the body, 
mind, intellect, or ego, is the source of the problems we 
encounter in the entangling, futile reactions to activity in the
material worlds.  We are the Eternal Witness of everything, including Now and Silence.

The goal of our study of  the indigenous Spiritual traditions of the earth, particularly, the  ancient Nile and Indus Valley civilizations'  history and mythology, has been to find out what our ancestors knew about the Self.  This study, we somehow believed, offered a way out of more or less Hell, Maya. 

 What did our ancestors think about our Source, the purpose, the highest ideal, and the greatest Goal of life.  The results  of our research and experience are contained here at everlastingomnipresentpeace.com

The spiritual practice presented as Our Word is a way

to  submit all to You, thereby effacing the ego and regaining

knowledge of,  and respect for, our Supreme Being, our

Ancestors, and our Self.  This process helps us to remember

You, associate with You and thus be cleansed of the sin and

slavery of ignorance.

Knowledge of Self is the very foundation of our culture.  It
is a scientific process of self purification process that helps us regain our dignity and Self-Respect.  This is based on knowing, respecting and living on who we are, and whose we are.  As this happens, we are regaining our forgotten treasure, our original Nature and Nurture. 

This knowledge of Self leads us out of the confusion and 

frustrations of the illusory worlds back to our eternal life of 

bliss and comprehension.  We sin and suffer because of the 

lack of  this knowledge of  Self and Karma.

Now we know know how our ancestors freed

themselves from the sin and slavery of Maya.  They did this 

by always thinking of You, by knowing the Self, how Karma 

works and how to transcend it by fixing the mind on You.  

Identifying the Self as spirit, soul, or energy, far beyond 

body, mind, intellect and ego, the Righteous Ancestors, of 

Divine Consciousness, admonish us to live as spirit, submit all 

to You and call out Your name.  In this way, we are in 

constant remembrance of You.  

Always remembering You fixes the mind on You.  Thus, we 

come back to You.  In this way, the Righteous 

Ancestors  attained, spiritual, intellectual, 

mental, and physical freedom, true, success, and raised 

themselves and great civilizations in the process.

We have found that our ancestors emphasized sacrifice.  This
sacrifice was not based on blood nor exploitation of any
sentient being.  It simply requested us to always think of You.

Essentially, always thinking of  You  is done by calling out Your name and offering to  You everything.  This process or methodology is articulated and elaborated upon through 
all the pages of everlastingomnipresentpeace.com.

This ancient knowledge of Self  has You as our common 

Source.  It is presented here at

 everlastingomnipresentpeace.com as Our Word to help us 

 fix our mind on You and thus cease being wrong-doers.

 We reap what we sow.  This is Your law, the Law of  Karma.

The experience of You as our common Source empowers 

us to unite and love ourselves as well as each other. This is 

the passing key to the solutions we need for a way forward to  

true freedom, security, prosperity, and Peace.  This is 

real liberation from the impersonal, personal and

 transpersonal problems associated with life in the 

worlds of Maya. 

When we are thinking about, hearing about, reading, or 

discussing Our Word we are fixing our mind and 

consciousness on You. Gradually, our consciousness 

harmonizes with You and our suffering with the illusory 

energy slowly comes to an end.

We think of You as Omnipresent, Omniscence, and Aum, 

beyond left and right, I and AM; AUM, Bha, Kali Ma, Jah; 

Rah, Hotep, Slence, unconsciousness, consciousness, 

Knowledge, ignorance; enlightenment, experiencing, 

witnessing, misery and bliss. 

The more we sober up into Your Presence, consciously, the 

more we experience healing, healthiness, and wholeness of the 

Self again. This is experience of unity in You.  

Undifferentiated, indivisible, Supreme  Absolute, 

 You are our original state of Infinite, Tranquil Freedom.  

As the consciousness is shed of material contamination we are 

evermore empowered to turn inward and make steady 

progress in our spiritual practice, dropping off all 

impediments embedded in Pure Consciousness. Gradually, 

we experience Your Constant Omnipresent Peace, pervading 

and transcending all energy and stillness.

We think of  You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on 

You as the Supreme Spirit, The Selfless, Immortal, 

Omnipresent Reality, which exists within Itself while

simultaneously pervading and transcending all.   

Our goal is to Know You ever better and to experience You 

evermore, to see You, our Supreme Consciousness, looking 

out through every body and vibration throughout Your 

Cosmic Manifestations. With our union with You comes our 

healing, individually and communally. 

We meditate on You as the Witness of Silence looking out 

through our Third Eye, Pineal gland, gradually 

changes unconsciousness into consciousness, darkness 

into light, spiritual blindness to infinite sight.


We are free from the illusion of remembrance; coming and 

going, rising and falling; higher  and lower, ignorance and 

enlightenment; failure and success, as we experience the 

Eternal Omnipresence, reality of You, here, now, in this 



       Know Thy Self is accomplished as we purify our

consciousness and know You, here, now, in this present 

moment. You are Supreme Reality, the Supreme Love. 

You are This, Here, Now; beyond empty, fullness,

formlessness and form. 


You are the Source of our mental strength, keen intelligence;

infinite energy, highest morality; supreme creativity and our 

power to persevere.   We think of You as being within and 

beyond shapes and forms.  Thank You for teaching us how to 

raise ourselves by our Self by being in constant remembrance 

of  You. 


Thus we rise, from the  frustrating muck, mire, oppressions; 

dualities and depressions of the fierce oceans of material 

existence, to the infinite inner joy and contentment of You, 

the Supreme Intelligence, Freedom, Security, and Peace of all.

Purification of consciousness brings back to all levels of our 

consciousness the reality that I am spirit. We are spirit, and 

You are the Supreme Spirit of all; knowledge and experience 

of  this fact, along with our history and spirituality gives us 

our inspiration and strength to persevere on this path of 

liberation in union with You.